The Livewell Collective - March 2019


Spring is here, and watching flowers sneak up through the soil in your front yard may remind you to consider growth of a different kind — the growth of your business. Regardless of whether you soared over your revenue goals the previous quarter or you took these last few months to recover from failed marketing efforts and missed opportunities, spring provides a great opportunity for overall growth. Still, it’s hard to know where you should focus your energy. To aid your efforts, here are four factors to consider for strategic business growth. 1. LEADERSHIP Similar to nature’s processes during springtime, business growth begins far below the surface through good leadership. Your employees’ perception of you and your company’s mission is what determines their motivation to work hard. Take a step back to evaluate your leadership tactics and determine if they match your ideal business model. Often, replacing poor leaders with stronger ones makes all the difference in a company’s success. 2. EMPLOYEE TRAINING Business growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Just as leadership from your management team should be a major focus, your employees need a standard but solid foundation of


Just as pro athletes are conscious about the products they put in their bodies, affiliate owners need to use discernment about the brands they offer at their box. On one level, this means offering clean, healthy products that will help your members reach their fitness goals. But it also means considering the way the makers of these products conduct themselves. AN INTERCONNECTED WORLD Now more than ever, people are paying attention to the social and environmental impacts of the brands they buy. Thanks in large part to social media sites connecting the globe, we’re more aware of the role our purchases play in shaping the world around us. CrossFitters in particular tend to be socially conscious, caring individuals — they want to know that the brands they buy aren’t just good for them, but good for others as well. THE VALUE OF GOOD VALUES Plenty of companies have proven that it’s not only possible to make a positive impact on the world, but that doing so is good for business too. The conservational and philanthropic efforts of companies ranging from Patagonia to Subaru have won these brands loyal followings. Plenty of affiliate owners have embraced this idea by volunteering at food banks, homeless shelters, and VA events. It never hurts to show support for the

causes near and dear to your box. Making sure the items you sell reflect these values is just as

important as profit. OUR OWN EFFORTS

Part of our O2 mantra of “Honesty, Humility, Hustle” is acknowledging the impact we have on the world and striving to make it a positive one. It’s our team’s personal mission to reduce the amount of cardboard we put out into the world and make our environmental impact as small as possible. Of course, the last thing we want is for cans to arrive at your box damaged, so

striking a balance between safety and efficiency remains our primary concern. Those who have been with us for a long time can attest to how our packaging has shifted over the years. We guarantee that we’ll keep experimenting until we strike a refreshing balance.


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