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A PreciousVacation My Family Heads to Yellowstone

a fun environment, learn some things, and see incredible sights. None of us has ever been to Yellowstone, so it will be an entirely new experience we’ll get to share together. The eruption of Mount Kilauea is a reminder of how precious, ever- changing, and powerful nature is. It’s our duty as inhabitants of this planet to be respectful and protective of nature. Whether a 10-hour hike sounds like a dream or a nightmare to you, we can all agree that the natural wonders of the world are worth preserving. America is full of innumerable breathtaking landscapes, but they’re not guaranteed to last forever. That’s another reason why taking the time to see and appreciate them is so important to me. I’m so excited to share the stories we bring back from one of our bucket- list destinations. Isn’t it funny how much our perceptions and perspectives change over the years? As a child, I would’ve told you, “We’re going to Yellowstone,” with a shrug of indifference. Today, it’s with enthusiasm that I tell you, “We’re going to Yellowstone!”

You’ve probably seen some of the videos of the eruptions on Mount Kilauea this year — rivers of neon-red lava, smoking oceans, and earthquakes caused by explosions. The Jaggar Museum at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park may have been lost forever due to damage from the earthquakes. I went to that museum as a child, and to be perfectly honest, I hated it. I wanted to spend my vacation having fun on the beach, not reading about a volcano in a museum. When I heard about the threats facing the museum, not to mention the people losing their homes and the ways the eruption is changing the landscape forever, I couldn’t help but feel a bit silly about my experience there. Had I traveled to the Jagger Museum and Mount Kilauea as an adult, I would’ve enjoyed it much more. As we get older, our appreciation for nature, history, and culture grows. Maybe that’s because, as kids, we feel like parks and museums are places our parents drag us to, rather than places we choose to visit. Our appreciation is forced. Whatever the reasons, I’ve talked to many people over the years who’ve expressed similar sentiments to me. You can lead a child to MoMA, but you can’t make them enjoy Picasso. The appreciation has to be something a person discovers on their own. This year, my family is taking a trip to Yellowstone National Park — a vacation that may have been a hard sell when my kids were younger. When I proposed the idea this year, however, everyone jumped at the chance. One of my daughters and her boyfriend live in North Carolina, so I don’t get to see them all that often. The trip is a chance to reconnect in

– Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz I hope you’ve had a chance to visit a special destination this year, whether here in New England or farther afield. Enjoy the summer while you can, because the seasons, like natural wonders, don’t wait for anybody.

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