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People Strategy The University recognises that its effectiveness and success depends crucially upon the contribution made by its staff and that its reputation, growth and success rely on high levels of staff engagement and performance, at all levels of our institution.

To ensure the University’s wider strategic aims are met the People Strategy was launched in 2017 which comprises 5 strategic aims. Being an employer of choice Maximise the potential of Keele as a career destination for all groups. Developing and empowering our staff Enable and encourage supportive and effective personal, professional and career development for all our staff, based on academic and service priorities and forthcoming developments. Encouraging and developing innovative leaders Ensure that leaders at all levels support their staff in making a strong contribution to the University. Fostering a culture of inclusion, innovation, engagement and well-being Create a framework for organisational development which reflects the University’s values and which enables cohesion and engagement across the University community. Promote the global outlook and impact of our staff Create an environment which values staff from other countries, international experience and a global outlook. More information about the University’s People Strategy can be found at keele.ac.uk/hr/peoplestrategy

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