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What lessons can we learn from our youngest family members?

One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is getting to see the kids playing together. Both of my brothers live in Los Angeles, so it’s not often all the kids are able to see each other. But when they do, they play so well. You can tell they really love each other, and they have so much energy! At that age, kids are endlessly curious about the world, as they experience so many things for the first time. It may be our job as adults to help teach them, but I believe we can stand to learn a few things from them as well. Andrew

Thanksgiving is truly an American holiday. I didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving until I was 16 and my family moved to the United States from Vietnam. So this time of year, I can’t help but think about how much my family has changed. When we first got to the U.S., it was just my parents, myself, and my siblings. All our patients will be familiar with my sister, Dr. Janice, who was 10 when we moved, but I also have two younger brothers, James and John, who were 9 and 7. Since then, the family has grown a lot. My siblings and I are all married now, and each of my siblings have children of their own! I have three nephews and one niece who range from 3 months to almost 4 years. The oldest is Dr. Janice’s son, Jake, who I’m lucky to see all the time! He’s a quiet kid who pays close attention to everything and responds to what’s going on around him. Jake just hasn’t decided to start talking yet. Our whole family is dying for him to start talking, but I’m sure as soon as he does, we’ll be dying for him to be quiet again for a little while! Dr. Janice’s son Jake

Some time ago, I was babysitting Jake, and he fell down in the middle of playing. I went to go help him up, but he was already back on his feet like it was nothing. I know most kids are resilient like this, so why do we lose that trait as we grow up? As adults, we often let small setbacks keep us down for a while. Getting back up can feel nearly impossible sometimes. Then, when we do get up, we’re not always willing to take another risk for fear of falling again.


My niece is a bird of a different feather. Little Evelyn has a lot to say! She’s almost talking in full sentences, and, as a big sister to her baby brother, 3-month-old Nathan, she tends to take charge. When she and Jake get together with their other cousin, Andrew, Evie is the ringleader. They sure like to get themselves into trouble, but they love to spend time together.

We can definitely stand to learn something from the children about getting back up, and what better time to take in some lessons than Thanksgiving? I love spending the holiday with my family, and I know the rest of my team enjoys the holiday, too. Don’t forget, the office be closed Nov. 23–27 so the

whole team can enjoy Thanksgiving with their families. We’ll be back open Tuesday, Nov. 28, and I look forward to hearing all the crazy family stories then.


Happy Thanksgiving!

–Dr. Justene Doan

November 2017 Edition

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