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A Little Patience, A Lot of Persistence


With fishing, you might catch 10 fish in the first 20 minutes, or it could take you until the end of the day to catch just one. Like a fitness program, sometimes it takes time to see results. You have to be consistent and persistent or you won’t get there. If you feel like you’re ready to throw in the towel, take a minute to re-evaluate. Ask yourself if there are things you could be doing better and what changes can be made to enhance your results. When I’m fishing and not reeling anything in, I’ll ask myself, “Can I slow down the retrieve or speed it up? Can I change baits? Should I move to a different area?” Evaluate your situation to find new angles you can tackle it from. Maybe the reason you’re not seeing the results you want is you’re working out too hard. Some of us want to work out to the max every day. Persistence is important, but you also need to give your body time to recover. If you’re working out every day and not seeing results, consider building in more recovery days. They’ll let your body reboot so you’ll be ready to work harder the next time. Or, perhaps the opposite is true — you need to ramp it up. If that’s the case, Daphne Fit Body Boot Camp and Fit Body Forever have more than enough opportunities for you. Come to a Lean Eating Class, Grocery Store Tour, or participate in a Challenge. We will keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey.

I know a lot of people enjoy basketball and baseball this time of year, but for me, spring means one thing: bass fishing season. I can’t wait for it to warm up enough to go out on the lake. Lori often joins me, and we usually fish in the same area where we got married. It’s a special spot for us.

Lori and I love to be outdoors, and that’s exactly what fishing is about. When it comes to bass fishing, there’s an added challenge that I enjoy. Unlike standard fishing, you’re not just waiting for the fish to bite — you are coaxing them into biting. You have to be persistent and focused to catch a bass. It takes patience to sit out on the water without a bite for two or more hours. The anticipation is part of what makes fishing so fun, but you’re never guaranteed a catch. You might be on the lake for the whole day without a bite, when suddenly, just when you’re ready to pack it in, you feel that fateful tug. Fishing, in many ways, is like starting a fitness challenge. You’re really excited to be out there, eager to make a catch, and ready to go all-in. But when results don’t happen right away, you get discouraged. When you reach that point where you’re ready to give up because you’re not seeing the changes you want, don’t give up. Consistency is a significant part of being successful. As long as you’re being consistent by showing up and putting in the effort, you’re moving toward your goals. Even if you’re not seeing results in the first two to three weeks, you have to maintain that consistency. It might take five or six weeks before you finally start seeing results.

Fishing for bass requires persistence, and so does getting in great shape. Both activities are all about persistence, patience, and consistency. Don’t give up just because you don’t see results right away. Stick with it, be adaptable, and you’ll get there. Our team will be there to cheer you on the whole way!

-Steven Hadley

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