“I found a real niche in that part of the job. Brian recognized that in me and moved me into that position dealing with customer relations and PR and anything like that. When it came time for me to move on and start my own business, it was my intention to take care of customers. These are customers who require specialized parts and need you to spend a little more time with their concerns. They need detailed emails with options they can choose from rather than just a list of things we think they need. “My wife has a brilliant mind for business.” Diesel customers need to be understood. I was so success- ful as a territory rep because I took the time to listen to people. I know that if I get bad customer service when I need something for my car or my boat, I remember it. But when you get good customer service it sticks with you in a meaningful way and that’s what I’ve based my company on.” The repair side of BC Diesel, Dave explained, is based on one meaningful yet simple principal: “People want to get their truck back on the road because time is money.”

“They don’t want to have to come back two weeks later because it was misdiagnosed,” he continued.

“They don’t want to hear that you’ve overbooked yourself and that you’re rushing jobs just to get them out the door. The same principle applies to the other part of our business.”



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