Dave’s talking about the diesel performance side of BC Diesel, which includes “And that’s a huge market. When people are buying stuff online and you’re shipping it to the east coast, for example, the customer service experience is just as vital. If someone copies down the wrong serial number on an order that means a customer is waiting seven days for the wrong part to arrive, then they have to send it back and potentially wait another seven days – that’s unacceptable. We make sure that our customers get just what they want and in a timely fashion. If someone on our team has a customer on the phone or a customer in front of them they put everything else aside, no matter how busy it is. These are expensive diesel performance parts and most people don’t want to wait long for their stuff.” Ninety percent of BC Diesel’s inventory is shipped directly from Surrey with no middleman for the customer, Dave explained. “She was the accountant and I was the east coast territory rep.” “We import a lot from the U.S., which is great because we’re so close to the border here in Surrey. Some of our less popular items we’ll ship directly from one of our suppliers in Alberta or Ontario, but at least 90 percent gets shipped from here – and we offer free shipping anywhere in Canada. It’s appealing for anyone into diesel culture, but especially people looking to buy an exhaust system in a box. We’ll ship a five-foot box all the way to Nova Scotia, for example, free.”

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Dave’s travels as BD’s east coast sales rep molded a



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