American Consequences - September 2021


All I can say is “I love American Consequences.” Keep up the good work!!! – Sherie M. P.J. O’Rourke Response: The feeling is mutual, Sherie. And we’ll try to keep our response concise and straight to the point, Carole. “We love you .” Re: Equal Defunding for All! Defund the Department of Sanitation PJ, that article gave me a good laugh in a week when there is nothing funny to laugh at... What were you drinking when you wrote the article? Clearly it was good stuff‼ Love your articles! – Mary M. P.J. O’Rourke Response: Glad to be of service, Mary. And all I was drinking was my usual morning cup of coffee. OK, OK... I admit it was Irish coffee. ”Waste Away” Simply HYSTERICAL... Well done! Keep that tongue well planted in that cheek. – Susan I. P.J. O’Rourke Response: Thank you, Susan. The older I get, the more planted in my cheek my tongue seems to get. Maybe it’s the “irony supplement” I take. Or maybe it’s just bad dentures. You tree huggers are nuts. Garbage is just that garbage. Leave it alone. The landfills do a good job to contain it. The sanitation dept. does not need to be bothered. – RoyW.

Re: Love Us? Hate Us? Trish, Although my inbox overflows with too many emails to open and read regularly, I try to keep up with your missives and issues of American Consequences. Your thoughtful analysis of the times we are in is a healthy guide to your audience. Thanks for the time and effort you and your staff put in to produce such great content. – Al C. Trish Regan Response: Great to hear, Al! I love that you’re reading everything. And I appreciate your feedback. PJ, A few paragraphs from you on a subject of your choice surgically pops the hot air balloons constantly coming out of Washington DC. Stay healthy, please. You are the Chairman of the Board of true media honesty, perhaps the last one alive... Thank you. – Edward P. P.J. O’Rourke Response: Thank you, Edward. But I think it will take more than my dull scalpel to puncture all the balloons that Washington sends up – most of which are full of stuff far more dangerous than hot air. Think “Hindenburg.” Then there’s the problem of what happens when a Hindenburg does start leaking. So I try to be careful in my work and not take any cigarette breaks. I am very pleased with the articles I read. They’re concise and get straight to the point. Thank you for providing me with the information I need to know. – Carole K.


September 2021

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