American Consequences - September 2021


allowed to happen. Continue to enlighten and lead us. – CD K. Trish Regan Response: The mistakes are so obvious... It’s painful that they keep missing them. Ms. Regan: Very well said, as usual. Long ago, whilst in college, I read Adam Smith. I then had a long conversation with my Dad about Smith, mostly about free trade. Dad pointed out that Smith is right if, and only if, all traders play by the rules. China never plays by the rules, except briefly when playing by the rules temporarily fits the imperial plan. (A near quote frommy China Civ prof, a Confucian scholar that fled in 1949) We long ago gave up whatever leverage we had to keep China playing fair and I cannot see any way to regain it. – John S. Trish Regan Response: You make an excellent point. If “fair trade” is fair, then so be it. But if it’s simply not... (and right now, it’s clearly not) it puts American workers at a disadvantage. It’s high time our government think through the implications of its policies. Glad you enjoyed the article, John! Supply chain issues have certainly come to the fore in the last year. A subject that I last read about over a year ago was the production of pharmaceuticals. I recently looked up the various generic medicines that I take daily and found that they all come from China. More acutely, an embargo on antibiotics would have immediate lethal effects. While we seem to be fixated on the unavailability of consumer goods (the shiny


my time, but perhaps the moon landing was something like this?)... and I wonder if American politics and society is just too divided today to get behind something in a similar kind of way... Re: Made in the USA: An American Manufacturing Renaissance The article regarding American Manufacturing is to the point with the need to ring the alarm for additional critical products that can cripple America. The federal government has lost sight of the large number of pharmacy products that are dependent on the Pacific rim countries. In additional one needs to ask the question how many companies are remaining in the US that manufacture bearings or gear components. Without access to these items everything stops “rolling” in this nation. The federal government continues to fail the American people. Keep up the excellent work! – Richard O. Trish Regan Response: It’s amazing how wrong they keep getting these policy issues. And I’ll keep calling them out. Thanks, Richard. Love that you’re shedding some serious light on a dangerous situation in this country, and that is all the Asian outsourcing we have



September 2021

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