American Consequences - September 2021

inflation can be curbed and the US dollar maintain its status. Thank for what you do. – David S. Trish Regan Response: David, you and I are both praying... Keep the faith. And thanks for reading. Re: The Media Is Cleaning Up Biden’s Afghan Mess “Media cleanup on aisle 46” Boy oh boy did Buck hit the nail on the head with this piece. They just keep sweeping and mopping ever blunder this bozo and his feckless White House team does! We need a national recall of sleepy Joe! – Jim A. Buck Sexton Response: Thanks so much! The only good news about the feckless, reckless Biden Democrats is that their propaganda is always so predictable. Just want to compliment you on a great job! We are now living in an alternative universe so it’s nice to read the Truth! Awakened but not woke, – Lois L. Buck Sexton Response: I really appreciate that, Lois. With a corporate media that no longer has any credibility to protect, I try to bring some sanity to a crazy world these days...

object), the real threats are just one more conflict away. – RBP, M.D. Trish Regan Response: Exactly... I’ve done some segments about this – the foreign drug issue is a scary one. We don’t even trust pet food from China, so it’s concerning to think that the Chinese have such control over our drug supply. I like your article, but I think it misses the issues that pushed production offshore. Unionization, regulation and taxation drove production prices high enough that it was cheaper to shift production overseas. Trump helped reduce regulation, but the Biden administration is undoing all that he did, and strengthening the unions, higher taxation plus more regulation do not bode well for onshoring. – Gary E. Trish Regan Response: Unionization is part of the problem – taxation being the other. Agreed... We need smarter policies that encourage companies to onshore. Re: Why Is the U.S. Taking Orders From the Taliban? Thank you for your insightful analysis of situations and circumstances that so greatly affect our lives. The Afghan situation is unconscionable. The Biden administration rotten to the core that it is has us trapped in the messiness of democracy. We hope and pray we can survive until the 2022 midterm election and pray that our fellow countrymen will not soon forget the total disaster that is Biden/Harris. We pray that the Federal Reserve will maintain some sanity in fiscal policy so that

American Consequences


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