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Our culturally diverse House celebrates and learns from each other's differences. Year 12 students have exploited their opportunities as leaders of the future, and they grow stronger as a group. They will continue to do so as they complete their final year at College next year. 2020 Head of House George Simpson has indicated he wants students to have a greater voice. To that end, he is formalising the House council, taking an elected member from each year, and planning to meet regularly. Year 11 is an exciting and diverse group with some great characters. Many of them have already stepped up into leadership roles, taking charge of the House during examination leave when other students were sparse. The Year 10 boys have enjoyed their move up the pecking order. No longer are they the babies of the House, and they have developed a greater sense of maturity and respect from the other boys and the staff. Year 9, our babies, have had a year full of growth, not just in height but in all aspects. They have learnt the ways of College and what it means to be a Richards House boy, and have quickly formed into a group of young men who are tolerant and respectful of each other. Sport Sport is an integral part of College life and the lives of young men. Although the Richards House boys come from many different backgrounds, they all participate, striving to do their best, and this is the key to personal success. The boys have been involved in a wide variety of sports, both in their regular sports commitments and through the interhouse competition. It has been

great to see the level of participation. This year the senior boys claimed the win in the House volleyball competition and gave stronger Houses a real scare in indoor football, dipping into the semi-finals on penalties. Unfortunately, with the cancellation of the Winter Sports Festival, we were unable to improve on last year’s close second placing and other good results. Swimming is not one of our stronger sports. This year we made definite improvements, however, with the boys taking to the water in excellent spirits. Throwing everything and everyone into the relays, our best results were in the House 10s where we recorded a 1st, 2nd and 4th. Guy Roadley achieved some individual results of note at the swimming sports, coming 10th in the 50m breaststroke, 9th in 100m and 50m freestyle, and 7th in 50m butterfly and 100m medley. We had varied success on Athletics Day, and our place on the scoreboard was not a reflection of the effort put in by the boys and the improvements made over 2018. Great team feeling and House spirit was evident as the boys organised their team and individual performances, and it was encouraging to see there was a Richards House boy in each event.

Housemaster: Kevin Harris Deputy Housemaster: Scott Franklin Assistant Housemasters: Lesley Anderson-McKenna, David Newton, Victor Sue-Tang House Matron: Jan Kelleher Residential Tutors: Andrew Black, Simon Kersten Head of House: Max Goulter Deputy Head of House: Logan Quigley 2019 has been a year in which the boys of Richards House have built on their strengths, with each beginning to respect his own strengths, build self-esteem and celebrate the differences in each and every one. As we have become more reflective of our own strengths, we have begun to see the strengths in others. This has been an intense process and has led to a greater understanding of each other. Along with character strengths, we have continued the journey of change in the House. The cultural shift has been harder for some and I appreciate their efforts and the conversations we have had around cultural change. It has been our Year 13 students who have led the way, reflecting on what has changed since they started College and working to improve relationships between all the boys in the House.

Notable results include:

U14 Guy Roadley – 2nd 3000m, 8th 1500m William Simpson – 6th high jump, 10th triple jump


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