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here to support us when we make mistakes. I feel as though I have formed some awesome relationships with a lot of people in this room and I hope this continues in the years ahead. For me, sport has been a large part of my life and College has given me the opportunity to pursue it. On a personal note, I want to take this moment to thank Reuben Thorne, Ross Kennedy, Mr Wood, Mr Porter and Dodsy. I was very fortunate this year to captain the New Zealand Secondary Schools’ rugby team. I would like to present my jersey to the school to say thank you to the many people who have invested so much in me over the last five years. To the Year 13 students – this is the last time we will gather as a group. It is time to reflect on our years at College: memories, experiences, the ups and the downs. It has helped shape who we are today and, as we all head in different directions, I am sure we will look back and reminisce in years to come. To those who remain at College, I wish you all the very best. As you move up the year groups, you become role models for the younger boys. Embrace that responsibility and use it in a positive way. Once again, it has been a real honour and privilege to have had the opportunity to be the Head Prefect this year. I thank everyone who has supported me on this journey. Ehara taku toa, he takitahi, he toa takitini. My success should not be bestowed onto me alone, as it was not individual success but success of a collective. Nga ¯ mihi nui. Zach Gallagher 2019 Head Prefect

Throughout the year I have spoken a lot about being true to yourself. To do this you must be brave. One person who deserves special mention is my friend Ellie Stevenson. You are brave. And as you continue to live a life true to yourself, I know you have inspired others to do the same. Each and every one of us here has our own unique brand. A brand that is created, or destroyed, through our actions, our behaviour and our character. What does YOUR brand look like? What is your point of difference? My challenge to all of you here is to create a brand for yourself that you can be proud of, that is both unique and authentic. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at College and it has been made easier by a number of people. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank them – I really do appreciate it. Mr Wynne, Mr Donaldson and Mr Thatcher have all been significant in my development over the year. They have offered their leadership, guidance and support. They have allowed me to express myself as a person and as a leader – and that is something for which I am very grateful. One of the unique aspects about College life is the House system. I have been lucky enough to have had

the support of Mr Vink, Dr Field and many House staff over the last five years. The amount of time and energy these people have put into me and the House has been enormous, and it is truly appreciated. I also want to thank the prefect group of 2019. We are a team of 24 and I believe we can be proud of what we have achieved this year both as individuals and as a unit. Max Heywood has been an awesome deputy this year. Max, you are incredibly hard working, humble and so efficient. Thanks for all you have done for me this year, and good luck for your studies in Sydney. Kia ora. I have no doubt that the prefect group of 2020 will do an awesome job next year. I would like to congratulate next year’s Head Prefect Dominic Edmond and Deputy Head Prefect Louis Gunn. I wish you all the very best, you two thoroughly deserve the roles. Be unique, be genuine, challenge yourselves and, most importantly, have fun. I would now like to invite Dominic Edmond to the stage to receive the Head Prefect’s badge. It is good people who make good places. We are very fortunate to be at a school with the calibre of staff that we have. We have staff who are passionate about their jobs; they are here to challenge us, but are also


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