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LEADERSHIP The 2020 Head Prefect’s Junior Prize-giving Speech

the values of respect and integrity to a high degree. There are glimpses of brotherhoods within College: the rowing club, the 1st XV, Schola Cantorum, the Theatresports team, to name a few. But this camaraderie remains within these clubs and teams. And it is my hope that in future this camaraderie that exists in these small groups could span the entire school.

I am well aware this isn’t an easy challenge to uphold. These five years can be tough, and it can be hard enough sorting yourself out, let alone upholding College’s traditions and standards. But that is what it means to be a College Man. Each and every one of us has the ability to live by the virtues of College, and if you have been listening to what the Chaplain says you should understand what they mean and know how to actively exhibit them. However, certain social situations can cause us to abandon our morals and go with what’s “cool” or what the group’s doing, even when you know it is wrong. This mob mentality doesn’t exist within a brotherhood as long as the culture within is positive and virtuous in nature and every individual stays true to himself – and this is where we should be heading next year. As a school, next year we should look to be leaders in our community, in terms of our carbon footprint, community service and in our positive culture – which, of course, is based upon our virtues and respect for others. You boys are going to be a massive part of this movement next year and your buy-in is what will dictate how strong our brotherhood becomes. In closing, I wish you and your family all the best for the summer break. Rest up, enjoy some time in the sun, and spend some quality time with friends and family. I hope you display the virtues I have touched on and come back next year ready to morph this institution into a brotherhood.

What would this look like?

Boys respecting each other, despite differences; boys taking pride in their uniform; boys making a concerted effort to uphold the values and traditions of the school. Bene tradita, bene servanda – good traditions, well maintained. This seemingly outdated motto could be interpreted purely as upholding what others have stood for in the past, and there is no doubt this side of the motto must be maintained, but College is constantly evolving … We no longer have the toxic hierarchy that may have existed at College at times in the past, and we have moved to more contemporary teaching methods. This school is constantly innovating and creating new traditions. Strong traditions will add structure to our brotherhood. The one tradition that will be essential to this brotherhood, and will be at the very core, is treating others and the school with respect. This means respecting everybody no matter what – keeping your common rooms and appliances clean, keeping your shirts tucked in and your socks … Oh, never mind, we won’t have a socks problem next year. This school is not run by fear of hierarchy, but this does come with more responsibility to be respectful.

Chair of the Board, Executive Principal, staff, parents and boys. Another year is ticked off, filled with success flowing out of every aspect of College life. This success is not something that comes easily, and the many boys receiving prizes are a testament to hard work and diligence. However, we would be remiss to think this kind of success is just one person working hard. It is the whole class, the whole production, the whole team, the whole school that allows these boys to flourish. Of course, this is all facilitated and moulded by the teachers and coaches who put in the extra mile in order for us to succeed – and for that we should be grateful. The quality of teaching and facilities at College is something we must not take for granted. College is an institution, but it can also be so much more than that – and next year, with the support of you all, we can aspire to the idea of College boys belonging to a brotherhood. A brotherhood, in my eyes, is a collective of people who all have each other’s backs and continually try to lift each other up, all the while showing

Thank you.

Dominic Edmond 2020 Head Prefect


Christ’s College Canterbury

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