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THE CAST Dionysus

Oscar Gosling Ciaran Huntley

Xanthias Hercules

Alex Scott


Harriet Rance James Higginson William Sudell Luke Menzies Alexander Law


Michelangelo the Turtle

Miss Piggy NPR Host

Personal Trainer

Oli Aikawa

Doctor Aeacus Debbie

Thimeth Wijesinghe Henry King Lauren Small Lucy Aitken Ameera Woods Ryan Primus William Olsson Daisy Prosser James Higginson

Persephone Rheannon


Shakespeare Jane Austen

Simon Cowell Len the Old Guy

Robert McClean Brunowith the Sexy Accent Harry Scrymgeour

friendship of Poison Dart Tree Frog (William Law) and Ninja Turtle, Michelangelo (William Sudell). Then there is the woeful tale of Cane Toad (Jasper Johnson), who failed miserably on Australia’s Biggest Loser and was promptly run over by a jeep. They then discover that Hermin the frog (Ollie Jones) is in fact a backstabbing puppet and try to destroy him. Eventually, Dionysus is released in order to find and resurrect the architect of the most disgusting reality TV shows of all time – Jane Austen, of course. Next we meet the formidable and feisty duo of Hades (Ryan Primus) and his stolen wife Persephone (Lucy

The Frogs Poison Dart Tree Frog Red-Eyed Tree Frog

William Law Joel Fulford

Cane Toad

Jasper Johnson Jim Luisetti Ed Davidson William Pryor

Psychoactive Toad

Horny Toad Tomato Frog

Bullfrog Hermin

Will Fraser Ollie Jones

Frog Ensemble

Oli Aikawa, Jacob Clements, Otto Elworthy, James Higginson, Luke Menzies, Joe Pfahlert, Harriet Rance, Harry Scrymgeour, Alex Speight, William Sudell, Thimeth Wijesinghe


Christ’s College Canterbury

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