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Nikki Bleyendaal David Chambers Grant Bennett Grant Bennett Bradley Fulcher Grant Bennett Philippa Dye Nicholas Sutcliffe


Technical Director

Assistant Technical Director Ben Davis Lighting Design

Sound Design

Set Design Wardrobe

Musical Direction

Hair & Makeup Manager Robyn Peers Set Artist Becky Pratt Director’s Assistant

Joshua Mortensen

Stage Manager

Yngve Jordan

Lighting Operator Sound Operator

Remy Fitzgerald

Bruce Chen

Booth Assistant Sean Jang Assistant Stage Manager Elliott Grey Show Callers

Agave Yu, Claude Tellick, Phoebe Sugrue

Props Manager

Jessica Yu


Claude Tellick

Aitken), who try to set aside their marital difficulties in order to aide Dionysus’ mission. Once Shakespeare is procured, his arch-nemesis Jane Austen (Daisy Prosser) shows up, prompting a battle of the writers in the first ever Acting with the Stars! A ridiculous theatrical competition takes place, featuring the Horny Toad (Ed Davidson) as Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice: Froggy Style and a bizarre ballroom scene from Romeo and Juliet set to the tune of “Crazy Frog”. Shakespeare wins over the judges, Dionysus whips him away back to the world of the living, and the frogs are left ribbiting – while the persecuted Hermin appears to exact his revenge on them all. It has been an incredible opportunity to work with such enthusiastic and extraordinarily talented young people, turning this archaic tale into a relevant, bang up-to-date, hilarious piece of theatre. A great deal of dedication from staff and students, whether on stage or toiling tirelessly in the background, truly brought this play to life. We acknowledge with gratitude all the passionate and generous contributions that allowed us to create the world of The Frogs: A Modern Adaptation. Nikki Bleyendaal Director

Costume Assistants

Samantha Hanson, Riko Hachimine

Stage Crew Programme

Sam Cross, Ben Pownall

Melissa Hogan


Becky Pratt, Conor McGillan

Front of House Daniel Bridgman, Harry Sharr, Richard Harnett, David Chambers, Dominic Edmond, Fletcher Anderson, Elia Garrett, Harrison Lund, Louis Gunn Packin & Construction Crew Nicholas Brown, David Chambers, Bruce Chen, Sam Cross, Ben Davis, Remy Fitzgerald, Bradley Fulcher, Jim Gibbs, Jack Graham, Elliott Grey, Samantha Hanson, Riko Hachimine, Sean Jang, Yngve Jordan, Conor McGillan, Joshua Mortensen, Becky Pratt, Kathryn Rutter, Harry Scrymgeour, George Simpson, Phoebe Sugrue, Nicholas Sutcliffe, Alan Viles, Agave Yu, Jessica Yu. Hair & Makeup Team Becky Pratt, Nikki Bleyendaal, Agave Yu, Rudi Beavan, Charlie Burdon, Freddie Tapper, Jenny Woods, Anna Bleyendaal, Jaiden Beer, Rocco Barker, Archer Oliver, Maddie Woods


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