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2019 Christ’s College House Plays Festival

Monday 12 August 6.30pm Assembly Hall

Thursday 15 August 6.30pm Assembly Hall

Harper Corfe Condell’s

Rolleston Julius

Flower’s Jacobs


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Comedy, tragedy and everything in between. Accepting the challenge of the REACTION House Plays Festival enables you to focus on the heart of learning: to question, set productive goals, solve problems, create solutions, make decisions and … have fun. Boys engaged in House Plays • take the risk to be heroes on stage (and to make other people heroes too) • collaborate • strive toward creating emotional wellbeing and security • explore ways to reach their hearts and expand their minds • use “head and heart” to become empathic, aware, solid, respectful, open-hearted and responsible people who want to innovate and communicate with impact • find out how to learn and live together

There were 167 boys who put themselves on the line for the

Astute Burnside High School drama teacher Sarah Higginson provided considered adjudication and awarded best of the best awards.

REACTION House Plays Festival this year. In particular, 10 House play directors were entrusted to initiate, develop and coordinate all the work involved. Hats off to them! Miraculously, the humble House play becomes the vehicle for the development of key curriculum competencies – even though it is all voluntary. Thank you to Robyn Peers, Nikki Bleyendaal, Grant Bennett, Philippa Dye and drama gap student Bradley Fulcher, who were each prepared to go the extra mile to support the boys’ ambitions and growth. They were supported by various House mentor staff during early rehearsals. Thanks, too, to students Ben Davis and Remy Fitzgerald for their service to the festival. They prepared the lights, the technologies and the stage for all Houses, and worked with all directors to ensure their plays had the best technical support possible.

David Chambers Director of Drama

CONDELL’S HOUSE This is a Test By Stephen Gregg (the dramatic publishing company) Directed by Tom Vincent As the ticking clock reminds you, only 60 minutes remain to complete this oh-so-important predictor of your future. But you didn't get the review sheets, the teacher doesn't like you and your classmates are blatantly cheating. The House got behind their well- organised leader and created a show with dramatic vision, strong shaping and sound technique used by a very well-disciplined ensemble of seniors and juniors. Tom Vincent won a director’s award, Fletcher Anderson


Christ’s College Canterbury

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