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FLOWER’S HOUSE Superficia By Mike O’Brien Directed by Tom Davidson This once-in-a-lifetime play, written by former English teacher Mike O’Brien, reveals the true colours of St Swanalots, an elite educational institution in Galaxy 420. When an enthusiastic young fella named Crinchley-Savage arrives for his first day of school, not everything is as it was cracked up to be in the prospectus. Very much a last-minute affair, the House dragged the company together and thanks to a lot of input from House and festival staff, the play went on stage. Despite the difficulties in rehearsal, the play gained a production technologies award, and Henry Briscoe and Zac Matson received actor’s awards. HARPER HOUSE Murder at Merryweather Mansion By Lauren Jones (Lazy Bee Scripts) Co-directed by Ryan Oorschot and Ed Bayliss A popular whodunnit that was well within the capabilities of the House and which entertained the audience from the start. The senior leaders used their drama knowledge to good effect, and Jamie Barr and Jasper Johnson were given actor’s awards for their efforts.

JULIUS HOUSE The Fourth Wall By Jonathan Smith ( Co-directed by Fergus Beadel and Jack Lindo A bold choice involving many dramatic conventions associated with contemporary conceptual theatre. It is a play about dramatists for drama enthusiasts and many of them “got it”. Nathan Orchard, Freddie Sudell and Ben Sullivan were each awarded actor’s awards, and the House continued its strong tradition of drama. RICHARDS HOUSE Three doors to death By Keith Jackson (Pioneer Drama Service Inc, Denver, Colorado)

SCHOOL HOUSE The Waiting Game By Bruce Goodman (Aotearoa publishers) Directed by Caleb Tod This absurdist play is enormous fun and a real crowd pleaser. Caleb Tod was richly rewarded, not only by a committed cast, but also by the adjudicator, who recognised the quality of his direction with the Best Director award and the true cooperation of the tight ensemble. School House continues to grow as a source of quality drama and surprises the audience by allowing new stars to shine. Lachie Harper won an actor’s award, the cast gained an ensemble award, and School House came second equal overall. SOMES HOUSE No More Mr Nice Guy By Jonathan Rand (Playscripts Inc) Directed by Fin Smith The seniors in the House thought it would be funny to adapt this copyrighted script and fill it with “in house” jokes. The censorial Director of Drama insisted they return to the original (with one day to go) and this necessitated a large-scale scramble to get the play on the stage. To the seniors’ credit, they accepted this direction and presented a play with merit. The production gained a people’s choice award and Fin Smith received an actor’s award for his performance.

Directed by Logan Quigley Logan Quigley pulled his cast together so that they were deservedly recognised with an

ensemble award in this the second whodunnit of the festival. It relied upon an even bigger ensemble as the audience became part of the action, with the detective turning to the audience for “either/or” clues to work from. Oscar Gosling was rewarded with an actor’s award ROLLESTON HOUSE How to Succeed in High School Without Really Trying By Jonathan Rand (Playscripts Inc) Co-directed by George Matheson and Ollie Brakenridge This is one of those plays that is episodic in nature, so it is easy to rehearse, but lacks the unity required for a truly satisfying performance. The directors were on a steep learning curve and, in general, their efforts were rewarded by audience appreciation and the play was given a people’s choice award. In a very large cast, Claude Tellick stood out as the adjudicator and he received an actor’s award.

JACOBS HOUSE Rapunzel Uncut

By Mariah Everman (Playscripts Inc) Co-directed by Josh Johnston and Louis Gunn The story of Rapunzel but with a twist, told by duelling narrators Janindu Pahalawatta and Elia Garrett. No one in the audience will forget the extraordinary miraculous onstage birth of Max Thomas as Rapunzel. Will Simcock won an actor’s award as the goofy prince and the House won production and ensemble awards for their efforts.


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