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TJ Davidson Cup for Contribution to Basketball JMS Elvy Watherston Cup for Oarsman of the Year ZW Gallagher Philishave Cup for the 1st XV Player of the Year JES Glass Head of the Big Band Prize Prize for Music MRJ Goulter Barnet Prize for Earth & Space Science TC Graham Prize for Physical Education LLB Harper Hare Memorial Prize for 1st XI Bowling Hare Memorial Prize for Best All-rounder in 1st XI Cricket AE Hemens Gordon Harris Prize for Design & Visual Communication MA Heywood Prize for Accounting GT Hutchinson Cup for Most Valuable Player in Polo CLK Ireland BMN Fulton Cup for Contribution to Big Band TA Kelly Prize for Art History Prize for German GLC Lamb Prize for Design in Art C Lee Warden's Prize for Chapel Prefect NJ Lidstone Balfour Prize for Deputy Head of Choir Hare Memorial Prize for 1st XI Batting RRC Limbrick HTB Grigg & SW Kidner Cup for Contribution to Sailing JHT Lindo Cup for Contribution to Football Golden Boot Trophy for Football Warden's Prize for Chapel Prefect AJ Lynch Prize for Digital Technology

H Ma The King Constantine Medal for Contribution to Round Square TR Macfarlane Cup for Best Senior Player in the 1st XI Hockey MN Marsh HE Solomon Prize for Geography GS Matheson Prize for Agribusiness JH Mattingley Penlington Cup for Consistent Effort in Senior Art Prize for Painting S Miyake Hobbs Award for Outstanding Contribution to Rugby TR Moore Prize for English as a Second Language H Nakajima Prize for Japanese RA Oorschot Prize for Media Studies LJ Quigley Major Rattray Prize for Literature OH Rees Alpers Prize for Services to Cricket TM Rose Neave Memorial Prize for French WJ Schneideman PHT Williams Memorial Cup for Senior Tennis Doubles Champions Walter Pavitt Memorial Cup for Senior Tennis Champion FM Smith Cup for Coxswain of the Year German Embassy Prize E Stevenson Major Rattray Prize for Debating Prize for English Prize for Geography Tancred Prize for History

MI Todd Jeremy Stamers-Smith Memorial Prize for the Head of the Chapel Choir AP Todhunter Watherston Cup for Oarsman of the Year ML Toth Balfour Prize for Deputy Head of Choir TF Vincent Prize for Best Theatre Director T Whitaker Barnett Prize for Statistics

Tancred Prize for Literature Tom Cooper Prize for Public Speaking MT Surveyor Barnett Prize for Chemistry Barnett Prize for Physics Le Cren Prize for Science

Prize for Commerce Prize for Economics


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