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3rd House Colours (tie clip for 60+ points) Ben Abbot, Jamie Barr, Charlie Cameron, Thomas Dobson, Sebastian Fergusson, Connor Graham, Nont Prachuabmoh, Ellie Stevenson, Benji Ward, Tim Ward, Joshua Wynne 4th House Colours (tie for 80+ points) Gus Coates, Nant Prachuabmoh, Nick Schneideman 5th House Colours (cufflinks for 100+ points) Will Schneideman

Year 9 Tankard for General Excellence Nick Wilson Year 10 Tankard for General Excellence Ollie Jones Year 11 Tankard for General Excellence Jamie Barr Cup for General Excellence at Year 12 Matthew Gibb Year 13 Tankard for General Excellence Edward Bayliss Henry Smit Trophy for Junior Character Benji Ward

Enberg Family Cup for Excellence in Cultural Pursuits Edward Bayliss, Ryan Oorschot Harper Cup for Sportsmanship Will Schneideman Harper Cup for Citizenship Ryan Oorschot Lawry Cup for Outstanding Character Gus Coates GB Moulten Cup for Head of Harper House Joshua Wynne (Head of House 2020)

Most House Points Year 9 – George Austin (24) Year 10 – Ollie Jones (31)

Year 11 – Nant Prachuabmoh (26) Year 12 – Nick Schneideman (17) Year 13 – Will Schneideman (23) The Rutherford Cup for Excellence in Interhouse Sport Nant Prachuabmoh Special Housemaster’s Awards for Effort, Citizenship and Service Ben Abbot, John An, Johnny Bullen, Jack Graham, Isaac Heap, Jamie Marshall-Lee, Alex McEwan, Finn Melhuish, Nant Prachuabmoh, Nont Prachuabmoh, Ellie Stevenson, Lewis Whiteside, Hugo Wynn Thomas

Harper Cup for Year 11 Endeavour Thomas Johnston

Housemaster’s Cup for Year 12 Endeavour Liam Adams B Law Trophy for Law Abiding House Spirit Sebastian Fergusson


Christ’s College Canterbury

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