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Creating Relationships in 30 Minutes or Less A MATTER OF TRUST

I am thrilled with the path my career took. Back when I played pro golf, I wouldn’t have imagined becoming an oral surgeon and running two offices with a trusted partner by my side, but I’m grateful to be here. I love mywork, though it’s not without its difficulties. One of the biggest challenges happens to be learning how to establish a relationship with new patients, especiallywhen I only have a limited amount of time at a consultation to do so.

I am envious of the relationships


general dentists and orthodontists are able to develop with their patients. Seeing a patient every six months for a checkup or every few weeks for adjustments opens the door for a standing relationship built on trust. I’ve found it’s hard to form that connection with a patient during your first meeting. Plus, there’s the added

patients into accepting that I know best, but that isn’t how I would want to be treated by my doctor.

Establishing a trusting relationship takes time, and though I only have a fewminutes during a meeting, I don’t try to take any shortcuts. Instead, I willingly share a bit about myself and find personal things the patient and I can connect on. I’m honest, and I plainly let people knowwhat I think they need and why a specific treatment will help them best in the long run. That honesty echoes through the conversation, and I’ve found patients really resonate with that approach. It’s my job to do what’s best for a patient, and to achieve this, I treat my patients how I would want to be treated. I won’t lie, it can be exhausting when you have to start from scratch with new patients every day. But the effort is entirelyworth it. When we reach that place of comfort, I can see that my patients feel like I knowwhat I’m talking about and trust that I truly care about them. Then, we can move ahead with the procedure, and I get to see howmuch a patient’s life improves when they aren’t in pain anymore. That’s what makes this job so fulfilling. It’s a lot of work, but I know I’m helping people become healthier and live pain-free lives.

obstacle of fear when patients are scared to have oral surgery, and they aren’t exactly looking forward to seeing the bill later, either.

This is probably the most challenging part of my job. During a consultation, I only have approximately 15–30 minutes to help a patient get to a place where they trust me to perform surgery on them. Having your wisdom teeth removed is hard enough, but have you ever told a patient you need to graft a piece of bone to their jaw? Just hearing about the procedure hurts. It is so important for me that my patients trust me and have confidence that I want to do what’s best for them. Patients come into my office because they know something is wrong and want to fix it. Many of them come in because their general dentist or orthodontist sent them over, but they’re still hesitant to commit to a treatment plan. I could throwmyweight around as “the professional” and pressure

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