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Car Accidents Aren’t Just About Insurance

Know Where to Look for Other Recovery Sources

When it comes to small fender benders and minor accidents, insurance usually covers everything with relative ease.

Maybe it’s a pain organizing all the paperwork and getting in touch with the at-fault party’s provider, but once you do, it’s usually a straightforward process. In more serious accidents, however, where the damage and injuries are severe, it’s

easy to exceed coverage limits. In those cases, you need to work with an attorney who will be thorough in investigating all possible sources for compensation. Without that, you’ll end up leaving money on the table. The first place we look when an at-fault party runs out of coverage is a clause in your insurance relating to underinsured motorists (UIM). UIM clauses are put in place specifically for such situations, but it’s important to check that you have this clause in your insurance. In South Carolina, an insurance carrier doesn’t need to automatically enroll you for UIM. Instead, they need to make what’s called a “meaningful offer” of this protection. As such, you may not know whether or not you’re enrolled in it. If that’s your case, it’s a great idea to check your policy and fix any holes within it. Now, every attorney worth their salt is going to bring up UIM as a possible resource for you, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding alternative ways to get you the settlement you deserve. Depending on the nature of your accident, our team will also look at the following four areas to see if they could benefit you. DRAMSHOP LAWS Dramshop is the colloquial name for laws that place liability on bars and restaurants in the event that they over-serve patients. These commercial liability policies routinely exceed the coverage you’ll find in personal auto insurance. If you’re hit by an intoxicated driver, we will do everything in our power to find out where that driver was served and hold the institution accountable. CLAIMS AGAINST GOVERNMENT AGENCIES Recently, we had a case where a motorcyclist ran over a shovel that was left in the road by a construction crew. This crew was hired by a government agency to complete the road project, which means they are

held to certain safety guidelines. When those rules are broken, you have every right to go after the agency responsible.

THE OTHER DRIVER’S EMPLOYER If the driver you’ve been hit by is on the clock, their employer may be liable for the damages. The most obvious example of this type of case is when a truck driver has been asked to work extended hours beyond what’s legal, but it is just as applicable when a pizza delivery vehicle causes an accident. THE VEHICLE MANUFACTURERS Some accidents are the result of faulty parts or vehicles that should’ve been recalled. The second we know which makes and models were involved in your case, we’ll check to ensure that those vehicles were safe to be driving. If not, the car company that produced them can be held responsible.

With so many sources that could help pay for your medical bills, vehicle damages, and other costs incurred in the aftermath of an accident, you’d be foolish to accept the limits of an insurance provider without doing a little more digging. Let us help you get the full amount you deserve by turning over every stone related to your case. Call us today to find out how we do it. –Jim Snell | | F: 800-567-6249 | P: 803-753-1476 1

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