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Next Level Temperature Management of Webasto Air & Coolant Heaters SmarTemp Control 3.0 Bluetooth Works with both air and coolant heaters

SmarTemp Control 3.0 FAQ Sheet (Bluetooth available)

Next Level Temperature Management of Webasto Air & Coolant Heaters ALL-NEW

Operation The Webasto SmarTemp Control 3.0 enables quick and effortless control of Webasto air and coolant heaters. The optional SmarTemp Control 3.0 Bluetooth model and installation of our new Webasto App to smart phone or tablet, allows the operator or fleet manager to program user settings, diagnose heater fault codes and more. Explore many of the new features and benefits gained with the new product release, as well as frequently asked questions below.

On/Off Button

Ergonomic Comfort Dial

Smart Indicator LED’s n Red for Heat Mode n Blue for Vent Mode* n Blinking Red for Fault Codes n Low Voltage Alert

Ambient Temperature*

Heater On Icon

Set Temperature*

Select Button

Temperature Sensor*

Bluetooth Logo**

*Product display and noted features are applicable when managing Webasto air heaters. **Bluetooth Logo indicates funcionality on SmarTemp Control 3.0 Bluetooth only and is not an activation button.

1. What is new with the SmarTemp Control 3.0? The New SmarTemp Control 3.0 includes all of the great features of the current SmarTemp Control 2.0 and SmarTemp Control 2.0 fx with additional functionality. The SmarTemp Control 3.0 will come in two versions. a. SmarTemp Control 3.0: i. Same unit used to control air or coolant heaters ii. Time and date saved when power lost iii. LVD disable option iv. Vehicle parking brake input (option, needs customer specific harness to ensure heater operation) v. Adjustable LCD backlight b. SmarTemp Control 3.0 Bluetooth: i. Same features as SmarTemp Control 3.0 ii. Bluetooth connection to the Webasto SmarTemp 3.0 App

iii. Control, change settings, access TechWebasto.com and diagnose the heater via Webasto SmarTemp 3.0 App iv. Downloadable users settings to the Webasto SmarTemp 3.0 App. File can then be used to program settings of multiple SmarTemp Control 3.0 Bluetooth units via the Webasto SmarTemp 3.0 App

2. Which heaters will SmarTemp Control 3.0 work with? Webasto SmarTemp Control 3.0 is compatible with the Air Top 2000 STC, Air Top Evo 40, Air Top Evo 55, Thermo Top Evo, Thermo Pro 50, Thermo Pro 90 and Thermo Top Pro 150.

3. What is the rated voltage?

The SmarTemp Control 3.0 will operate on 12V and 24V voltage ratings.

4. Did the controller appearance change? The size of the controller remains unchanged however, the button naming changed slightly.

5. What functions will I be able to control via Bluetooth? You will be able to control all features available on the SmarTemp Control 3.0 Bluetooth with the addition of a. Heater diagnostics with a list of the error codes, clear error codes, operational information with possibility to export file and customer report, view overview of the heater operation. b. Personalized heater naming or image upload from gallery c. Link to TechWebasto.com for trouble shooting, install / user manuals, service locations, contact information and frequently asked questions.

6. What languages will be available in the New SmarTemp Control 3.0? The SmarTemp Control 3.0 and Bluetooth App will be available in English, Spanish, and French.

7. Where can I find the App to use the Bluetooth features? The Webasto SmarTemp Control 3.0 App is available in Apple iTunes Store and Google Play for free.

8. Is the New SmarTemp Control 3.0 a drop in replacement for the SmarTemp Control 2.0. No, in order to upgrade from the SmarTemp Control 2.0 to the SmarTemp Control 3.0, the following items will need to

be purchased individually as there are no retrofit kits at this time: a. SmarTemp Control 3.0 or SmarTemp Control 3.0 Bluetooth b. Adaptor harness specific to the heater and control unit currently installed

9. When can I start purchasing the NEW SmarTemp Control 3.0? The NEW SmarTemp Control 3.0 is available now!

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