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Kinect Physical Therapy would like to welcome two of our newest PTAs Torie and McKenna! Not only have they been an amazing addition to the Kinect family, they are an incredible mother/daughter duo who went to PTA school together! They may not work at the same location, but they both have one thing in common; they both enjoy meeting new people and giving them back their lives. Q: What was it like going to school together? T&M: We really enjoyed going to school together. We were able to carpool and study together. We lifted each other on those days when assignments weren’t going right or preparing for a test felt impossible. Practicing manual techniques was easier with a study-buddy living in the same house, but the best part of going to school together was that we went through it all as friends. Q: How do you like working for the same company? T&M: Working for the same company is fun! We work at different clinics and we enjoy comparing notes on different treatments we have learned or seen, but we are really able to relate to each other on the day-to-day things. Plus we get to go to company events together! Q: What do you enjoy treating most? T: I enjoy treating knees and shoulders. It’s fun to help post surgery knee patients progress from pain/soreness and walking with a walker to walking all on their own. I injured my own shoulder earlier this year and all of my co-workers did a fantastic job helping me recover. Having lived through that pain and limited function, I love helping patients get back to pain-free shoulder motion. M: I don’t have a preference of what I like to treat most. Helping patients reach their goals and return to or even improve their quality of life is what I enjoy the most!

Q: Why did you both choose the field of Physical Therapy? T: I have been through physical therapy a couple of times and seen the huge difference that it made in my life. I enjoy helping others to have that same change in their lives and I love getting to know that patients! M: Growing up I played many sports and ended up with a few injuries throughout the years. I was always grateful and fascinated by howmuch physical therapy could help someone feel better. Now I am able to help patients feel better and change their lives for the better! Q: What is the greatest thing you have learned from each other? T: McKenna was a tech before becoming a PTA and I gained a lot from her about how to apply what we learned at school. Most of all she helped me stay courageous about going back to school! M: My momhas taught me somany wonderful things that I can’t pick just one. I would not be where I am today without my mom!

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