Marco Santarelli has been investing in real estate since he bought his first property at 18. He is the founder and CEO of Norada Real Estate Investments, a nationwide provider of turnkey cash-flow investment properties. He is a published author, host of the “Passive Real Estate Investing” podcast and the creator of the DealGrader™ system that scores the quality of potential real estate investments in a snapshot format. “Real estate has been and still is the greatest wealth creation vehicle available,” he said, adding that the “time freedom that comes from financial freedom through real estate” and spending that time with his loved ones is the real reason he invests. One of the clients who nominated him added,


“Marco is one of the most genuine investment providers out there and one of the most conscientious. His years of experience and successful investing are self-evident when you meet him.”

Finalists for Multifamily Investor of theYear

by Think Realty

ach year, Think Realty honors the leaders and change-makers of real estate who represent the best the industry has to offer. These individuals are nomi- nated by their peers, and the finalists are determined by an independent panel of judges who are former Think Realty Honors recipients themselves. This year, our finalists cross the entire spectrum of the industry. Their stories range from new investors just beginning (and exponentially growing) to E

true industry veterans with decades of expe- rience, from single-family investors focused on just a few neighborhoods to multifamily moguls buying millions of dollars’ worth of real estate at a time, and frommajor industry players employing hundreds of real estate experts to one-man (or -woman) operations making a difference with just the energy of the CEO alone. We are incredibly proud of this field of finalists, and we’d like you to meet them all.

All finalists are invited to attend the Think Realty National Conference & Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 14, 2017, to be recognized at the official awards luncheon and spend the day networking with attendees at this exciting event. Reserve your spot at https://thinkrealty. com/events/atlanta/.


Dan Butler is CEO and founder of CrestCore Realty LLC and CityLight Commercial Services in Memphis, Tennessee. Since 2001, he has purchased more than 500 single-family homes, duplexes, and small apartment complexes in Memphis, 99 percent of which still reside in his portfolio. He specializes in improving occupancy and raising cash flow and rates of return in multifamily properties. His companies employ 75 people who serve 500 investors in the United States and internationally who own 2,500 properties with more than 5,000 tenants. “I started in- vesting in multifamily real estate to give me choices in life over the long term, but I had no idea that the opportunities I created would be 10 times what I thought they would be!” he said.

Finalists for Master Investor of theYear

One of his colleagues said of him, “Dan humbly flies under the radar, but he truly deserves to be recognized for his inspiring and industry-leading accomplishments.” JAY “FIXER” DECIMA CEO, KJAY PUBLISHING


Jay “Fixer” DeCima is a published author, mentor, and multi-family real estate investor with more than five decades experience in the industry. “One of the things that makes me the proudest is that for 50 years I have been able to provide affordable, clean, safe housing to hundreds of families,” he said, adding, “At any given time 25 to 30 percent of those units were rented under HUD Section 8 to low income families, many of which have rented from me for two generations.” One of DeCima’s favorite things about real estate is when it’s time to sell. Because he provides seller-financing on his deals, he receives monthly note payments that create a substantial retirement nest egg that he refers to as his “pajama money.” He explained “Once a month I trot down to the mailbox, in my pajamas, to pick up my checks.”

Abhi Golhar is a member of the Think Realty coaching team, where he is known as “The Connector,” host of daily radio show and podcast “Real Estate Deal Talk,” a managing partner at real estate investment firm Summit & Crowne since 2008, a real estate developer and single- and multifamily investor, and a private lender. He is also a contributor to Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and The Huffington Post. Golhar excels in building proven, custom teams for difficult projects, coaching new investors toward their real estate goals, and, as his coaching title suggests, effective networking. “Without the people in real estate, acquisitions and assets mean nothing,” he observed in his application. The students who nominated him added,

“Abhi is the perfect example of the fact that if you focus on helping people, success will jump right out at you!” and “Abhi is a friend and business partner as well as being one of the sharpest young investors I’ve ever known.”

One of his mentees said of DeCima, “Jay helped me buy 85 rental units in Northern California. I continue to own and rent most of these units to this day. He has certainly been a very strong mentor to me.”

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