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Marcus Painter is the CEO of M&C Properties LLC in Kansas City, Missouri. He and his wife, Cara, started M&C Properties a little more than 10 years ago and have grown the business from what Painter describes as a “do-it-yourself rehabbing operation” to a “proud business with more than 1,000 successful property transactions.” He added, “To date, we have a fully integrated company that sustains a growing construction, acquisi- tion, and property management company and provides services to hundreds of customers in several countries.” One of his clients said of Painter, “Marcus and his team have added a tremendous amount of value to my portfolio. His expertise and experience are an integral part of my business.”

Jan Britt is the founder and CEO of Jan Britt Interiors and has been helping clients decorate their homes and investment properties for more than 20 years. She also teaches a continuing education course for Georgia real estate agents and has been an instructor in Kennesaw State University (KSU)’s College of Continuing and Professional Education for 17 years. Britt not only teaches and implements traditional staging and design; she also creates affordable, repli- cable design themes optimized for real estate investors to minimize time on market, maximize rents and sales prices, and eliminate negative experiences associated with showing investment properties that can scare off potential buyers. “My techniques make my students’ lives easier and more profitable, and that makes me feel good,” Britt said.

“Jan recognizes the value of hands-on learning,” observed the KSU Department of Continuing Education representative who nominated her. One of her students added, “I know many instructors, but none like Jan. She is always excited to learn and share her knowledge as well as going the extra mile to make sure we receive more than we expected in every class.”

Painter said that the things he values most about real estate are revitalizing communities and giving back. He cited a recent neighborhood revitalization project that M&C Properties undertook to bring back a number of derelict homes in a local, “once-vibrant” neighborhood and his family’s support for mission work in Africa and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.



Brad Sumrok is the founder of Sumrok Multifamily Investing, a company he founded in 2012 to “help people retire in fewer than eight years by investing in multifamily real estate (apartment complexes).” Sumrok has been principal in more than 3,000 units in the past 15 years. “I’ll never forget quitting my job after just three years of apartment investing,” he said, adding that he loves multifamily investing because it is a “feel-good business [that enables investors to] not only make some serious money, but also transform apartment communities by providing a great product and service for residents.” One of Sumrok’s students said about him, “Brad’s coaching and mentoring in apartment investing changed my family’s life. With his help, we have acquired three apartment complexes in the last year and a half.” Another added, “Before I met him, I was in the rat race and was miserable. Within six months of meeting him, I was passively invested in almost 300 doors and now I am a partial owner in 700 doors.”

Mitch Stephen started investing in real estate full-time 21 years ago and has been proudly self-employed ever since. He has spent much of his time refining the art of owner financing to the benefit of his own portfolio and those of other investors. He has purchased more than 1,000 houses in and around his hometown of San Antonio, Texas. That number inspired the title of his book, My Life & 1,000 Houses: Failing Forward to Financial Freedom. “I think my proudest moment was when someone drove 300 miles to shake my hand and thank me for allowing them to quit their job and take control of their own life,” he said, adding that the time he bought a property for $230,000 and sold it for $1.1 million 12 months later is a close second.

One of Stephen’s students described him as “one of the most humble people I know who values everyone he meets every day.” Another added, “He created a successful business from nothing!”

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