Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | July 2021

The Committee will provide information and data to the second group, the COVID-19 Fall 2021 Planning Task Force , which will include the Fall Planning Committee along with members of our various shared governance groups across campus, including:

• Academic Department Chairs Organization

• Public Health faculty representative

• Classified Staff • Diversity Council

• Public Affairs

• Student Health Services • United Faculty of Central • University Centers • Washington Federal of State Employees

• Emergency Health and Management

• Exempt Staff • Provost’s Council • Public School Employees of Washington

The Fall 2021 Planning Task Force will discuss information gathered by the Fall Planning Committee and be responsible for assisting in the development of draft recommendations for review by the Executive Leadership Team (formerly the President’s Cabinet). The Task Force will meet biweekly initially and will consider how we will move forward with vaccination requirements and other related matters. The co-chairs of the Fall Planning Committee will meet regularly with the Executive Leadership Team in order to bring recommendations forward and make final decisions. The Executive Leadership Team will be responsible for making all final decisions. Please keep in mind that because of the dynamic nature of the pandemic, information and plans are subject to change at any moment based on new data, state and county recommendations, and federal guidelines. As a result, please look for regular communications from the Committee and Task Force, with opportunities for you to provide feedback and input. The past year and a half have been challenging ones for everyone at the university, and we have a great deal of healing that we need to do as we come back together. To do so will require leadership based on strong, collaborative teams that lead with both our minds and our hearts, building solid personal and professional relationships. Working together we can develop the systems and tools that will ensure the continued success of our university. I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can in the coming months and working with you as we transition to more normal operations.

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