Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | July 2021

Funded Grant by Prof. Greg Lyman, Associate Professor National Science Foundation

Hybrid Experimental-Numerical Methodology and Field Calibration for Characterization of Peak Wind Effects on Low-Rise Buildings and Their Appurtenances project CWU Total Funding: $109,661 Summary Our overall research objective is to create a new physics-based methodology for accurately predicting peak wind loads on low-rise buildings and their appurtenances. To achieve this goal, we will perform tests and take measurements on the appurtenance of a full-scale photovoltaic array located on Hogue Hall at Central Washington University and also on a duplicate model PV array built in the Wall of Wind at Florida International University. Our long-term goal is to enhance community resilience by reducing future windstorm-induced damages to the low-rise building envelope and appurtenances and to building functionalities. Accomplishing this goal would ultimately lead to improved design procedures for appurtenances, including dynamic effects unaccounted for in current practice, and to the development of mitigation-based strategies such as active aerodynamic mitigation.

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