Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | July 2021

Central Washington University Annual Budget Report Fiscal Year 2022


Anticipated Head Count

The anticipated headcount for Fall 2021 is expected to be 4% down from Fall 2020 which is equivalent to about 445 students. The majority of the enrollment is made up of resident undergraduate students and it is also where we see the biggest decline in headcount. 10,700

Resident Undergad (86.5%) Non-Resident Undergrad (7.42%) Resident Graduate (5.14%) Non-Resident Graduate (0.93%)

Student Head CountTrend


The graph to the right shows the enrollment by academic quarter.


Throughout the academic year there is a consistent drop in enrollment from one quarter to the next. This change averages out to be about a 4 or 5% decline. Fall quarter historically has the highest headcount of the academic year.




Student Head Count by Campus

Historically, the majority of our enrollment resides at our Ellensburg Campus with the next highest enrollment being our online students which is followed by our Des Moines Center. The top three highest locations make up about 92% of our student body.



Total: Head Count for Fall 2021


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