Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | July 2021

CENTRAL WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY Board of Trustees July 29, 2021 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY – Enrollment Management

Overall, CWU’s fall 2021 forecast remains at 10,700 students, which is a decline of 471 students from fall 2020. This includes a projection of 1800 new, first-year students, 1000 new transfer students, and 260 new graduate students. Last fall some students chose to take a year off from college; staff continue to engage these students to encourage enrollment. In addition, multiple campaigns and outreach efforts have launched to support student persistence. However, first-year retention rates will likely be lower than prior years. Although fall registrations are ahead of last year, housing contracts are down over the previous two years. Given the unprecedented nature of this enrollment cycle, we should expect a fall enrollment headcount between 10,400 and 11,000 students. Fall 2022 Recruitment Cycle - Central continues to invest in efforts that modernize recruitment and retention efforts. Although the pandemic has halted in-person student services, CWU has added online and virtual tools to enhance the student experience across the university. This year CWU will launch a fall 2022 recruitment plan with the most robust, integrated, and technologically advanced efforts yet. College recruitment has changed over the years, dominated now by virtual strategy and student demand for personalized and authentic communication. The fall 2022 recruitment cycle will be marked by the development of a comprehensive enrollment marketing eco- system with collaboration among the Department of Public Affairs, and Divisions of Academic and Student Life and Enrollment Management. Our investment in new customer relationship-management (CRM) software three years ago has allowed us to build a strong foundation that will enable us to expand our efforts and open wider-pathways to CWU for all students. Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Plan - Destination 2025 is nearing the final push for year-two implementation, with more than 100 projects and initiatives in support of three goals: increase new student recruitment, increase enrollment of traditionally under-represented student groups, and improve retention, persistence, and degree time-to-completion. Currently, 78 percent of this year’s project is complete. Year-three planning is underway and will continue through the fall term. The year- three implementation plan is projected to launch December 2021.

Approved for Submittal to the Board:


Jim Wohlpart President

Josh Hibbard, PhD Vice President for Enrollment Management

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