Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda | July 2021

CWU proposes to transition the core business systems in our PeopleSoft ERP to the cloud to enhance the student experience, reduce our risk exposure, provide enhanced business insights, and streamline job processes. This project conceptualizes several key strategies and recognizes a need for consistent and on-going investments in our technology ecosystem to provide modern and secure technology systems and services to students and employees. Student Experience. By transitioning away from an outdated system, CWU will greatly enhance the student experience by providing a modern and integrated student management platform that is more intuitive, faster and more secure. The update to the CWU ERP will result in more accessible student information, simplified business processes, a modern app-based interface, and efficient integration among systems, eliminating a fragmented and often frustrating student experience. Stronger cyber-security. With the rapid and recent increase in cybersecurity threats, this project will also increase our overall security posture, while reducing risk from potentially crippling events such as data breaches, outages, and ransomware attacks. Our current technology architecture has limited capacity to withstand a sustained cyberattack or other catastrophic event, making continued investments in cybersecurity required now. These funds would be better spent towards a transition to the cloud, which will yield additional benefits other than increased security and a better return on our investment.” Risk reduction. The migration of the ERP transfers legal liability to the cloud host in the event of a cyber security breach. The migration further enhances security by ensuring the regular maintenance and upgrades to the system by the cloud-host employees who are trained for and dedicated only to that task. Recommendation: Staff will develop programmatic and budget strategies for each of the priority items articulated above. A portion of the $7.7 million will be available to launch activities as soon as possible, with a robust portion retained to address budget shortfalls as a result of reduced enrollment. The plan will be presented to the board for information in October, 2021. We recommend the following motion The Board of Trustees of Central Washington University hereby endorses the development of programmatic and budget strategies for Fiscal Year 2022, including the strategic use of reserve funds, in order to ensure the stable and robust operations of the university and service to students.


Approved for Submittal to the Board:

Linda Schactler, Chief of Staff

Jim Wohlpart, President

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