free-flow right-turn design, or a yield-traffic- controlled right turn design. The free-flow design was rejected because it could create traffic congestion problems and also would require a larger design setup. UCPR public works staff now need to contact utility outfits and review how a roun- dabout design at the intersection would affect existing hydro, phone, and water and sewer lines. The information will become part of the final feasibility report, including project cost estimates, to the advisory committee so that it can make a recommendation to UCPR council. Roundabout policy The UCPR public works advisory com- mittee supports a recommendation from public works staff for a revision to the UCPR policy on shared infrastructure services involving county roads. The present policy does include a section that addresses the presence of a roundabout on a county road. In a verbal report to the committee UCPR 1VCMJD8PSLT&OHJOFFS+ÊSÊNJF#PVDIBSE noted that roundabouts are becoming more common to handle traffic flow situations at intersections. His department’s proposal is that roundabouts be treated the same as traffic light setups for cost-sharing with local municipalities.


Roundabouts are becoming more com- mon for traffic flow and control in the Prescott-Russell region. The public works department for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR) is looking at several proposals for roundabouts at selected locations on county roads. The most recent report from the UCPR public works advisory committee outlined several points that UCPR planning staff needs to consider for project proposals. County Road 28 The 2020 UCPR budget includes a propo- sal for “major changes” to the intersection of County Road 28 with Burton Road and St-Pierre Road in Russell Township. Part of that change may include creation of a roundabout. The public works department went through BOFOWJSPONFOUBMBTTFTTNFOU &" QSPDFTT to review proposals for dealing with traffic at the intersection. The process included a public information session December 19, 2019, at the township municipal office. A roundabout for the intersection is the preferred alternative among three options for dealing with traffic flow needs at the intersec- tion. The UCPR public works department will OPXQPTUUIFàOBM&"SFQPSUPOUIF$PVOUZ 28/Burton/St-Pierre Roads traffic project as part of a 30-day public review period required under provincial regulations. UCPR council accepted the

Les rondpoints sont de plus en plus fréquents pour gérer le flux de circulation aux intersections locales de Prescott-Russell. Les Comtés unis de Prescott-Russell (UCPR) revoient leur politique sur les carrefours giratoires alors que le personnel des travaux publics de l’UCPR travaille sur des propositions de projets de carrefours giratoires sur les routes du comté. —archives

Casselman roundabout The UCPR public works department conti- nues with its studies on the feasibility of a roundabout at the intersection of Principale Street and Laflèche and Racine Streets in Casselman. The department has reviewed three options for such a project, which would involve either a traffic signal setup, a

recommendation from its public works advisory committee to approve plans for a possible roundabout at the intersection TJUFBOEBMTPGPSQPTUJOHPGUIF&"SFQPSU for final public review and comment. Public works staff are also directed to review utility relocation needs for a possible roundabout at the intersection of County Road 28 and Burton and St-Pierre Roads.

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