Grand Strand Health and Wellness - September 2019

September 2019

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At Grand Strand Health and Wellness F or many of us in the South, September is the start of one of the most important seasons of the year: football season.

Cindy is no doubt our office’s quarterback. If anybody has a question about anything, Cindy is the one to answer it. She’s the one who leads our morning huddles and our weekly team meetings. Without her, the office would lose its nerve center and come to a grinding halt. Our therapy department, made up of Trina, Jaleesa, and Kim, operates like the offensive line on Grand Strand’s team. They have the most direct contact with patients, make sure all their needs are being met, and serve them the way they should be. They are on the front lines in the battle against chronic pain, and they won’t go down without a fight. Mary and our front desk staff are our wide receivers. They’re in really close contact with Cindy, and she will often throw them responsibilities and things to take care of directly. They rarely miss a catch, and, whatever responsibility they’re handed, you can bet they’ll get it all the way to the endzone. When I think of what I look for in a tight end, someone who gets right back up after getting knocked down comes to mind. No one at our office embodies that role better than Paige. Paige is kind of a jack-of-all- trades at the office, working in our therapy department and in patient education. She is dependable, and you can always count on her to be there when you need help. Dr. Crilley is Grand Strand’s running back. In his day-to-day responsibilities, he interacts with nearly every patient who comes through

When it comes to the NFL, the Cowboys are my team, but, when it comes to college ball, I’m a Gamecocks fan. All throughout the fall, you better believe I’ll spend my Saturdays and Sundays watching my teams, or any game in the SEC conference, with my family. And, with football on the mind, it’s easy for me to draw parallels between the all-stars on the field and the all-stars on our team here at Grand Strand. If Grand Strand were a football team, I would be the head coach. I make sure my team is running the way it should and everybody is giving their all to our mission to change people’s lives. No head coach is ever great by themselves. They need a team of talented, dedicated, hardworking individuals who know their roles and who work daily to accomplish their mission — whether that’s getting to the Super Bowl or helping people lead pain-free lives.

the door. In other words, he is handed the ball nearly every play. Dr. Crilley brings a very “Franco Harris” style approach to going up against the conditions we treat — which is to say he’s darn near unstoppable. Lee is Grand Strand’s cheerleader. As an HR specialist, she works behind the scenes to make sure our team is winning in all our objectives. She keeps everybody in good spirits, and, if anybody ever needs an energy boost, Lee is the one to go to. I’m grateful I have a team that makes me feel like we win the Super Bowl every year. If it weren’t for Grand Strand’s players, we wouldn’t be able to be nearly as successful at treating our patients and fighting against pain.

“I’m grateful I have a team that makes me feel like we win the Super Bowl every year.”

–Dr. Chris Garner

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