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TAKE SOCIAL MEDIA PHOTOS LIKE A PRO With Tips From Eventique’s Video Master

3 Avoid unnecessary shadows. Play close attention to where shadows fall when you’re setting up your photo. Sometimes a dark shadow can be artistic, but usually, it’s just distracting. Consider adding another light source or using a ring light to diffuse unnecessary shadows. 4 Use reflected light strategically. In one memorable product shoot, Joel used light reflected in a glass case to give perfume bottles an elegant, dramatic look. If there is a reflective surface in your photo, play around with the reflections to level up your results. Of course, once you’ve mastered these rules you can break them! Joel says that even he sometimes ignores his second suggestion and shoots “shadow side” — into the light, which casts subjects in shadow. “Shooting shadow side, you’re able to see the dimensions of a person’s face more clearly and it gives the photo a dramatic look,” he says. To see the Eventique team’s photo skills in action, follow us on Instagram @eventique.

If your social media photos aren’t as polished and compelling as those of the influencers on your feed, here’s a quick fix: better lighting. As Eventique’s senior video producer Joel Nunez explains, bright, strategically placed light is key for high-quality photos and videos. “You want to provide a clear image. You don’t want it looking grainy, and you want yourself — or your product — to look good,” he says. “That means you need the lighting to look natural.” Joel has been expertly illuminating sets for photos and videos for years. Before joining Eventique he was a “one-man band” directing, producing, lighting, and shooting projects. This gave him the skills to take incredible social media snapshots. Here are his top tips. 1 There’s no such thing as too much light. Instead of taking away some of the light you have, try shaping and manipulating it to achieve the look and feel you want. 2 Don’t shoot into the light. Whether you’re photographing food or taking a selfie, try to position yourself/your light source so it’s behind your camera rather than in front of it. This will give you bright colors and crisp lines.

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