511 - Market Update Q4 2021

Outbound Shipping and Logistics

Q4 2021 Market Update

The Domestic Transportation and Warehousing Logistics of Delivering Products to North American Customers

CHOKED PORTS & SHIPPING BACKLOGS IN NORTH AMERICA  187 vessels were in Port of Vancouver in mid-October. At Los Angeles - Long Beach, North America’s busiest port, over 210 ships were docked or anchored off-shore. American Shipper , MarineTraffic.com  Estimated 500,000 containers await unloading at LA-Long Beach, alone. At an average of 1000 cases / container, 500 million cases of product await passage thru the port. CBS News  Average wait time to dock and unload a container ship at LA-Long Beach is now 10 days, up from the normal 4. Marine Exchange of Southern California  New shipping services seeking a share of record profits have entered service, typically sailing smaller vessels that carry less freight and disproportionately reduce port operational efficiency. Woodland Group, American Shipper DRIVER SHORTAGE + HIGHER FUEL PRICES = HIGHER COST  North America has more than 60,000 open truck driver positions, a need projected to exceed 100,000 by 2023. CNBC  Drivers are commanding large fees and bonuses, and selectively avoiding routes prone to storm weather in the Southeast and wildfires in the West. Freightwaves  Diesel fuel cost over $1 more per gallon than in Q3 ’20. Energy

Port of Vancouver, BC, 10/18/21 – MarineTraffic.com

Information Administration

 By mid-summer, Full Truckload shipping rates had spiked 44% from January levels. ACR Transportation


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