511 - Market Update Q4 2021

Summary Takeaways

Q4 2021 Market Update

% Change From 2019 Levels

▪ A fourth COVID wave in Q3 slowed but did not stall the pace of economic recovery in North America. Travel and dining out are near 2019 levels. ▪ Global supply chain disruption is the leading cause of rising costs for products, across all industries. ▪ Overlapping and interrelated vulnerabilities in the system of getting products to market are vexing governments and corporations and will persist deep into next year. ▪ Government-forced power cuts in China due hydro-electricity system flaws are likely to reduce production output and impact supply availability within weeks.

Open Table, TSA, NY Times

Reminder: Chinese New Year February 1-7, 2022

Repeated price increases and diminished service reliability are the calling cards of the pandemic- era supply chain crisis we are in together now. 511 Foodservice will continue to stand with you in efforts to innovate solutions to these problems and minimize their impact to your business.


511 Foodservice Recommendations for Customers

Diligently monitor and disseminate price increases; act decisively to stay apace with the rate of inflation.

Understand operator demand and plan inventory investments to sync with holiday and Chinese New Year events.

Maintain day-by-day flexibility to market and sell the inventory available to your business now.

Stay informed, monitor industry information sources for forecasts on raw material and supply chain costs.


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