Finney Injury Law - July 2020

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T he picture on your right was not taken too long ago. It is of my third son, Sully, and my brother’s dog, Buddy. That is the gravel road that leads from my brother’s house to the creek on his property. The farm has been in my family for 40 years this year. It was owned by my grandpa, and then my brother bought it from my grandma. I used to frequent it as a little kid with my three brothers. These days, I frequent it as a dad with four sons. It almost seems like time has stopped: No indoor soccer. No baseball. No school. No summer camp. Nothing — yet. It has allowed, or maybe forced, us to do different things. My boys and I have been out to my brother’s farm more times in a month than the last five years combined. I took this picture as Sully was running with his best friend, Buddy. They both wanted to get to the creek as soon as possible. Life happens at the creek. I haven’t been able to stop staring at the picture. The joy, the freedom, and the moment Sully is in when I snapped it bring a lot of emotion to the surface for me. A lot of it is happiness, but some of it is sadness. I am so happy that one of my boys is experiencing what I experienced 30 years ago. Truth be told, they all are experiencing it, but I

didn’t get a photo of them in action like this. I hope Sully remembers this picture, this time, this joy, and this freedom for the rest of his life. I hope he can revisit this time and feeling whenever he wants to. I worry he will forget it. I know I frequently have done so in my lifetime so far. But I hope all my kids remember this place and time and never forget that feeling. Part of me is sad, though. I miss those times with my brothers and my grandpa. They will never happen again. I worry I didn’t fully recognize how lucky I was at the time. But how could a child understand that? Should I have come to the farm more often? Should I have cultivated this feeling more? I am sad because I know the answers to both of those questions is yes. I feel the bubble in my gut, just below my sternum. These questions swirl through my head and the joy and sadness switch places every second it seems. The more I look at that photo, and even now as I write this and look at it again, I am beginning to identify what I am really feeling. I believe it is love. After all, love encompasses both joy and sadness. I love that I can take the boys out there. I love the property. I love my kids. I love it all. I love the feelings the photo stirs up in me. It reminds me I am alive and

my life is happening. No matter the circumstances, we can choose to love what is happening because parts of this current life are incredibly amazing and may never happen again. We should choose to love them. I should choose to love them. I hope you all are safe and healthy these days. I hope we never forget our feelings. They are what make us human.

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