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WOW! This Rain Has Been Amazing! The Pittman CONNECTION The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

I cannot remember a wetter first part of the year inmy entire life. I feel like I live in Seattle (if this is what Seattle feels like). We should have a ton of flowers if spring showers are supposed to bring them. Speaking of growing things, we are so happy to announce, in this issue, our newest team members. Look for them. We are so excited. We couldn’t do what we do without your trust and support. It has been awhile since I filled you in onwhat is going on inmy life. Here is a brief synopsis. I always knew that Foster would be my first to break a bone. He avoided this for 12 years, then WHAM. Football injury, broken wrist. Football injury, broken forearm. Running in the yard injury, broken foot. Just amatter of time. He got over a foot injury just in time for spring baseball (before it was cancelled altogether). Brinkley home schooled the first ½ of 5th grade but realized that she really loved school and her friends. Really, I think she needed the structure of classes. But guess what... everyone is homeschooled now. Many of you saw my facebook post of her dancing in Atlanta. That little thing is a fireball. She is really coming into her own and is following in big sister’s footsteps. She is now taking classes online in the sunroom. I built a ballet bar for her. She does tap dancing upstairs. It shakes the entire house. Stone is really taking our kitchen by storm. He is becoming a really good cook with a lot of interest in the culinary programat CHS. He and Sophiewent toa cooking class inGermantown

in January.. They made some Mexican flare from scratch. He mentioned that the tacos were amazing. The rain postponed the start to lacrosse season. He is on the varsity teamas a Junior. Man, just typing that agesme a little. Of course, the Lacrosse season is awash, just like the town with all of this rain. I get questioned a ton about Sophie andwhat she is doingnow. Here goes. The show is over, she did the tour, but that ended in December. Shewasworking for adance convention called RADIXuntil the virushit. Shewas travelinga lot with themassisting the head choreographers. Shewas also taking classes and dancingwith a dance company in LA. By the time you read this, she would have shot a commercial and gotten to perform with her company at Tony Robbinsbirthday party. Other opportunitiesare on the horizon. But for now, she is home and taking online classes, doing online auditions and getting some other things in order. Hope is being the momager (mommanager) and keeping our home in order. This is a full time job. As for me, I am just extremely grateful for the opportunity toserveour communitydoingwhat we love. We will get through this. The clinic is still open to serve you. We are following all CDC guidelines and using precautions to keep everyone safe. I will be postingmore on Facebook, so like our page if you haven’t done that yet. Stay safe and healthy. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Jeremy


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