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A safe future for Canada’s new crop of farmers

With more and more farmers reaching the age of retirement, Canada’s agricultural industry needs more young farmers. However, farming is a demanding occupation, both mentally and physically, and few agricultural workers have access to the support they need. A LACK OF NEW BLOOD In the last 25 years, the proportion of farmers under the age of 35 in Canada has fallen by 70 per cent. Despite the steady stream of graduates from agricultural sciences programs across the country, millennial farmers remain few and far between. This is in part due to high land prices,

AN ISOLATED POPULATION By and large, young farmers are isolated from their peers. According to the Canadian Young Farmers’ Forum (CYFF), there simply aren’t enough young producers to support effective networks. Isolation worsens the negative psychological impacts of job-related stress and also reduces the resources young farmers can draw on if they have questions or need help. A SAFETY PROBLEM Mental health directly impacts workplace safety. High stress is correlated with increased accident risks. For young farmers, who are likely to be


- MARCH 2020 -

Francis Drouin Député, MP Glengarry - Prescott - Russel l

meaning that many young farmers start their careers with a financial disadvantage. A VOLATILE MARKET To make matters worse, the grain market is notoriously volatile. Economic and political tensions often impact the price of cash crops on which many producers rely to make ends meet. Combined with the demands of farm work and the inherent uncertainty that comes with an increasingly unpredictable climate, young farmers face many sources of stress.

raising children on the farm, this higher risk can have devastating personal and professional consequences. The CYFF works to build links between provincial organizations and young farmers. Millennial producers should make it a point to find out what support they can get from their local organizations. This will help ensure a safe and productive agricultural future.

« L ’agriculture est le moteur de notre économie. » « Agriculture is the heart of our economy. »

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