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TALES OF GOOD SAMARITANS F or a large part of my career, traveling was a normal part of my work week. Working in corporate America, I would often find myself on the road for half the week, leaving my life in flux between checking in and out of hotels, flying, and living out of a suitcase. This reality helped me establish a reputation among my family as lucky, because despite my experience traveling, it was common for me to lose something, be it my keys, wallet, or even tickets. Almost every time, I would get my personal items back, and I feel very fortunate to have that track record. (Although, I do have one bad mark on my record.)

Evading Traveling Horror Stories and Being Very Lucky

inside the hotel and explained my situation, eventually convincing the clerks to let me check in despite my lack of credit cards or identification. All I could do at that point was cancel my credit cards and hope for the best.

417.881.5309 Nowadays, I don’t spend multiple days of each week away from home and on the road, but I’m sure I’ll never shake the long-running family joke that I’m extra lucky. It could be worse, though; the world could have less good samaritans looking out for their fellow man. –Steve Counts 1 However, one time, I wasn’t so lucky. A while back, Jan, our two girls, some friends, and I took a trip to Hawaii. After we had just landed in Hawaii, I left to go use a payphone. When I returned, our tickets home were missing, and unfortunately we never found them. While being stuck in Hawaii may not be the worse thing that could happen, we did have to get home somehow. It was a pain, but we finally found a way home and bought new tickets. We were refunded for the thousands of dollars we lost on the old tickets, too. In a way, we were still very lucky. The next day, I got a call from my company. Apparently, some good samaritan found my wallet and daytimer around 2 a.m. and had called the company, asking where they should ship it. I remember being surprised that a complete stranger could be so kind and considerate to someone whose wallet they found laying on the side of the road. Eventually, I got my daytimer and wallet back, and nothing was missing. Besides my wallet and daytimer, I have also left my cell phone in the airport parking lot, only to come back and find it on Monday. I left an open briefcase with my laptop and $6,000 worth of airline tickets at a Kansas City hotel lobby, and one time I actually left my keys in the outside lock of the car door, almost like an invitation for a car thief that thankfully never showed. Each time, I’ve gotten every item back unscathed, subsequently breathing a big sigh of relief every time.

I remember one time in particular when I was

“... I’m sure I’ll never shake the long-running family joke that I’m extra lucky.”

amazed at the humanity of people while traveling in Philadelphia. I took a taxi from the airport to the hotel I was staying at, which was located in a relatively rough part of town. As the taxi

pulled up to my hotel, I shuffled around with some of my items, including my wallet and daytimer planner combo, and grabbed my remaining bags. But as the taxi pulled out of the parking lot, I saw my wallet and daytimer go with it, riding atop the roof of the car as it made its way onto the highway. So there I was, stranded at a hotel in a somewhat dangerous part of Philadelphia, with no money, no identification, and no agenda for what do to. I went



‘SUPER SONS: THE POLARSHIELD PROJECT’ Jon Kent, son of Superman, and Damian Wayne, son of Batman, couldn’t be more different. But when a mysterious force threatens the world, these super sons must learn to trust each other — and themselves — to save the day. Based on the hit “Super Sons” comic book series, “Super Sons: The Polarshield Project” doesn’t hit shelves until April 2, 2019, which means you and your kids have plenty of time to reserve a copy of this graphic novel at your local comic book shop! ‘CHAMPIONS’ “Champions” is a story about teenage superheroes, but don’t expect pizza or relationship drama in these panels. These comics tackle how young people today approach problems with a readiness to rally together and take matters into their own hands. “Champions” doesn’t shy away from hard topics, making it more appropriate for older kids and teens. But that doesn’t mean this story lacks heart or humor. Featuring comic favorites like Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man as well as popular newcomers, “Champions” is about identity, purpose, and what it really means to save the world.

It’s no secret that superhero movies are dominating the box office. The highest-grossing movies of 2018 (and the third and

fourth highest-grossing of all time) were “Black Panther” and “Avengers: Infinity War.” There’s never been a better time to be a fan of superheroes or to become a fan of superhero comics. If your kids are interested in reading more about superheroes, here are a few great titles your whole family can enjoy together. ‘MS. MARVEL’ Since her debut in 2013, Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, has been a wildly popular character, and her comic has gained critical acclaim. A 2015 Hugo Award winner, “Ms. Marvel” explores what it means to be a teenager, a first-generation American, a friend, and a superhero. The storylines promote an important message: “Good is not a thing you are, it’s a thing you do.” In just a few years, Ms. Marvel has become an established superhero in comics, and it won’t be long before she steps onto the big screen with a live-action movie.

Find these titles and other incredible stories at your local comic book shop.


Entertainment Hits Springfield This March

Entertainment opportunities are in full swing in Missouri this March! Check out some of the highlights below.

MISSOURI STATE BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP WHEN: March 7–9 and 14–16 WHERE: JQH Arena and Hammons Student Center ADMISSION: $9 per session

then tool around the west hall for general agriculture and livestock products. Shows and events also include the Youth Horse Judging Contest and the Heifer and Steer Preview Show. And if heart-stopping action is more your style, don’t miss the PRCA Pro Rodeo in the Corwin Auto Arena. Learn more about this event online at .

If you’re missing the Friday night lights, Missouri’s high school basketball elite have the perfect show for you.

Cheer on your hometown team or jump on board with a new local favorite at the Missouri State High School Activities Association State Basketball Championship. Split up into three classes and featuring both girls and boys’ teams, this event will showcase various talents and sportsmanship. Don’t miss Missouri’s own March Madness! Learn more about game times online at . FOURTH ANNUAL OZARK SPRING ROUNDUP WHEN: March 22–24 WHERE: Ozark Empire Fairgrounds ADMISSION: Free Who says livestock shows should be reserved for the county fair? Learn more about livestock products and services, and soak up rodeo-style fun at the Fourth Annual Ozark Spring Roundup. Take a swing around the east hall to learn more about various equestrian products, and

NINTH ANNUAL QUEEN CITY SERTOMA’S CAJUN COOK-OFF AND CARNIVALE WHEN: Saturday, March 30 from noon to 5 p.m. WHERE: Springfield Exposition Center ADMISSION: $15–$25 Spend a Saturday afternoon indulging in delicious Cajun feasts and raising money for a good cause, too. In 2017, Queen City Sertoma’s Cajun Cook-

Off and Carnivale raised more than $38,000 for local children’s charities, and in 2019, they’re back again for a roaring good time and to raise money for local organizations. Enjoy Cajun foods created by competing teams, and stick around until 3:45 p.m. to see if your favorite team has been crowned the champion. Learn more about this event and purchase tickets online at .




DECISIONS, DECISIONS Choosing the Printing Company That’s Perfect for You

Welcome New Clients!

Joyce Auctioneering & Real Estate Missouri Association of Manufacturers Mercy Life Line Air Medical Service Simmons Bank Wise Built Homes Integrity Squared CPA The Flower Merchant Home Town Veterinary Hospital

Thanks for your referrals!

Aasby Automotive Gary Brown Agency

When it comes to selecting the perfect printing company, making the right decision can impact the effectiveness of your products. Follow these tips for choosing a printing company and feel confident in your decision! Square Peg, Round Hole

Everything Popcorn

Everything is the best bagel flavor. This is not a matter of debate. Sprinkle the seasoning on popcorn for a delicious snack that will have people asking, “What does this remind me of?”

The biggest misconception about printing companies is that they all do the same thing. The reality is that not all printing companies are alike nor are they all going to fit your every need. The best way to learn more about a printing company is to investigate their website and to read through their Facebook and Google reviews. The website will give you more information on the company’s products, while the reviews will showcase real customer experiences, including what

work was done and how successful it was.


Dollars and Sense

• • • • • • • •

3/4 cup popcorn kernels 2 tablespoons flaky sea salt 1 teaspoon black sesame seeds 2 teaspoons white sesame seeds 2 teaspoons granulated garlic 2 teaspoons granulated onion

Once you’ve done some digging, inquire about prices. These estimates will give you an idea on how reasonable the price is for you and good insight into the customer service of the business. It’s important to inquire about an estimate the way you would go about business. For example, if you prefer to do business communication via email, ask for pricing information that way. This will allow you to see how this business operates according to your needs as a customer and get the information you need to make a strong decision. Location, Location, Location Take some action: Ask for a tour of your first-choice facility and meet the people who would be working on your campaigns. Much like when you ask for an estimate, you will get a feel for what the company is like and have a better understanding of its process. It may also be helpful to place a small order with the company so you can test their process. Physical action like this will give you a better understanding of how this process will work for you as a customer. At Digital Print Ink, we always hope you’ll consider us for your printing needs, but we want you to choose the printing company that’s best for you. For more in-depth information on this topic and more, visit our blog at . We’d love to show you how our business operates. Learn more on our website and inquire about pricing by emailing or calling 417.881.5309.

1/3 cup canola oil

4 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted


1. In a small skillet over medium heat, toast sesame seeds. Shake skillet often and cook until white seeds are golden and fragrant, about 2 minutes. Transfer to a small bowl and add garlic, onion, and salt. 2. In a large saucepan, combine popcorn kernels and oil. Cook over medium-high heat, covered, until popcorn kernels start to pop. Once popping, continue cooking and shaking the pan intermittently until popping ceases, about 3–5 minutes. 3. Transfer popcorn to a large mixing bowl. Pour in butter and toss to coat. Finally, add seasoning, toss again, and serve.

Inspired by Food & Wine magazine







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Steve’s Lucky Travels

Super Comics for Your Super Family Springfield’s March Entertainment

Choosing the Right Printing Company

Everything Popcorn

Don’t Let the Rain Dampen Your Spirits

A s the weather warms up, the urge to get out of the house becomes stronger. However, any plans you might have can be abruptly canceled due to rain. If you find yourself stuck inside for the day, here are a few activities to keep you occupied. Get Bakin’ A wet and chilly day is an excellent opportunity to warm yourself up with some baked goods. Bake your favorite snickerdoodle cookies or fudge brownies, and pour yourself a mug full of hot chocolate or cider to get through the stormy day. Read a Book If you have a bookshelf full of novels you’ve not cracked open, a rainy day is the perfect time to jump in. Settle down on the sofa with a cuddly blanket and enjoy some uninterrupted reading. The rain smattering against your windows creates the perfect

background noise to delve into the pages of a new adventure. Create Your Own Film Festival Having a movie or TV series marathon is another great way to pass the time. You can watch some of the classics, like “Forrest Gump” or “Singing in the Rain,” fill the day with “The Lord of the Rings” series, or start a new Netflix show. If you want to involve your kids in the binge-watching, you can let them pick out one of their favorite movies too. Piece Together a Puzzle A rainy day is a great opportunity to pull out a puzzle. You can also grab your friends or family members and make the puzzle a team activity. With the whole day ahead of you, you’ll have several hours to devote to one of your favorite hobbies. Don’t let the rain keep you down! Instead, take advantage of the weather and enjoy a cozy day at home.

4 Rainy Day Activities Enjoy Yourself!




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