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APRIL 2019

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A Busy but Rewarding Spring How My Recent Trials Reaffirmed My Belief in Our Justice System

Since the day I decided to pursue a career in the legal field, I’ve always felt passionate about the work I do, the clients I have the opportunity to help, and the people I get to meet along the way. While I always find value in my job, there are certain events that reignite my enjoyment and reaffirm my belief in our country’s justice system. Fortunately, in the last couple months, I’ve felt extremely lucky to be able to experience three different events that left me and my entire team with a lingering sense of gratitude. I took on three cases that went to trial in February and March. Each client was truly a remarkable and strong person. The first case was in Rockdale County, the second was in Fulton County, and the third was in Athens-Clarke County. While it was great to travel to each of the courtrooms, I was especially fond of my visit to Athens. I haven’t been able to spend much time there since finishing my undergraduate degrees at the University of Georgia. It was nice being back! Although these cases had their own unique aspects, all three involved automobile accidents. In each case, both the client and I were uncomfortable with the insurance companies’ offers, and

the utmost respect for each judge we came before in regard to their understanding of the law and their decision to strictly follow and enforce it. For the vast majority of people, it’s easy to view a judge as being outside of the community, but I could tell that each of the judges truly cared

about the people in that room and in the community at large. Jurors often feel nervous when they are picked to serve, but the judges made sure everyone who entered the courtroom felt comfortable — they even brought in doughnuts, which is always a welcomed gesture! Of course, none of these cases could have gone as smoothly as they did without the help of our office team, as well as my own personal support system at home. I’m so thankful to my wife for

we thought that a jury might view the incidents differently. It’s always refreshing to have 12 neutral people from the community take the time to truly listen to the witnesses and doctors in order to generate an outcome based on their collective decision-making and wisdom. The jury members in all of these cases were focused and engaged; I could tell that being there and being present in the courtroom mattered to them. We were happy with the results too. Part of the jury members’ level of comfort heading into the courtroom stemmed from the capable judges presiding over the cases. I have

taking on more responsibilities while still being the best mother to our two kids that I could ever imagine. With trials, tasks are constantly popping up at the last minute, and she was unwaveringly understanding and helpful. In the upcoming months, I’m looking forward to spending more time with her and my baby daughter, Catherine, and to taking my son, Michael, to Chick-fil-A to share a milkshake! To the jury members, the judges, my team, and my family, thank you for making a busy spring season one of the most rewarding I’ve had. I’m looking forward to more trials to come!


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