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As the hype from New Year’s festivities starts winding down, the team at Smart Real Estate Coach, our Associates, and billions of other people around the world turn their sights on the next big holiday celebration: Valentine’s Day. While this day, might not be as widely acknowledged as other holidays are, taking the time to honor those closest to you is one of the most important things you can do this month. That is why I’ve opted to write a tribute this month to my beautiful wife, Kim. While marrying your high school sweetheart is an idea that’s been referenced in love stories and romance films for decades, very few tales involve marrying your middle school sweetheart. In that way, Kim and I have our own kind of love story, and in my assuredly unbiased opinion, our relationship and friendship is one for the books. We met when we were just 11 years old and dated the way those of us who lived in the era before cellphones knew how

to — by passing notes back and forth. In fact, for our first date, I scribbled a note asking her to go to the carnival with me.

Kim and I were married on Aug. 10, 1986, in Massachusetts, where we both grew up. We picked a great location — the Spencer Country Inn — and had exactly 325 people there to celebrate with us. Anyone who is or has been married can tell you that no matter how well you plan for it, your wedding day flies by at maximum speed. While I wish I could have made the celebration last a bit longer, I remember sitting there on my wedding day in pure astonishment. Over 300 people were in a single place having the times of their lives — and they were all there to support Kim and me. It was one of the most memorable nights of my life. After our fun-filled wedding, Kim and I flew to Maui for our honeymoon. We divided the trip into two adventurous parts: exploring land and sea. We rented a vehicle and drove into the mountains and then spent hours looking at colorful fish while snorkeling in the ocean.

“While marrying your high school

I don’t remember all the details of that night at the carnival, but I know that first date led to many more throughout high school and, eventually, a marriage proposal. in love stories and romance films for decades, very few tales involve marrying your middle school sweetheart.” sweetheart is an idea that’s been referenced




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