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Limited Time Offer…Free Trial of our new Deep Tissue Laser

WAPT is pleased to offer the revolutionary Deep Tissue Laser Therapy in our clinic. We are the proud owners of a Class IV Deep Tissue Laser. This is a state of art laser designed to promote healing, decrease pain, improve circulation, and decrease swelling. • Ever wonder how the Seahawks seem to recover faster from an injury? • Are you tired or afraid of taking medications for pain and swelling? • Have you given up on your chronic pain and feel that there is nothing anyone can do for you? If this sounds like you, then give us a call at 425-820-2110 and schedule a free trial of the Deep Tissue Laser. We are seeing amazing results with our patients and want to share their success with you. The laser uses concentrated light to promote tissue healing, decrease pain, and improve circulation all without medications and 100% naturally. It simply amplifies your body’s own healing response for up to 18 hours after application. Completely natural pain relief and healing, without medication is now a real possibility!! Not sure? Visit our webpage for more information: www.WAPTrehab.com P.S. – We only have 5 spots for laser trials set aside every week through January. Priority is given to current and former patients, but you can share this offer with a friend or family member. P.P.S. – For you curious types, the laser is based on a Nobel Prize winning idea called Photobiomodulation. Read more about it on our webpage. www.WAPTrehab.com

“The Deep Tissue Laser has played a significant role in healingmy elbow tendinitis. My elbow feels immediately better after treatment, with improved motion and decreased pain. Adding the laser to regular physical therapy exercise has allowed me heal and strengthen my elbow while continuing to teach my group fitness classes. A definite bonus not to miss any more work.” - Elizabeth

“I have arthritis in my thumb that has been a chronic problem for years. One very painful day, Mike used the laser on it and I experienced immediate relief that lasted for several days. Truly amazing!” – Jane



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