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The Line Between Bold and Stupid INSIDE Happily Ever After Health is the Real Wealth

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“The people that have the life you want are not posting about it.” –Evan Money

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Just for today, choose something wonderful. You may discover a family walk around the block smelling the roses is a great investment of time. Whatever it is, Take Action, and do it NOW! Your wonderful life awaits.

“Life is life; it’s the choices we make that determine how wonderful it is.” My friend John Maxwell laid that one on me, and it’s so true. The question I have for you is this: When was the last time you even talked about having a wonderful life? Most of us get entrenched in our day-to-day activities. For the stay-at-home moms, it’s diapers, drudgery, and dishes. For the employees, it’s the grind of a daily commute and life in a cube. For the entrepreneurs, it’s payroll, overhead, taxes, and bills. We get inundated with the urgent, and worse yet, we scroll through social media and look at everyone else’s “wonderful life” and feel more dissatisfied with ours. Let me remind you that we all can make choices that can make our lives more wonderful, right now. I encourage you to take action, exercise these choices, and do something wonderful today. Imagine if you invested 20 minutes and flew a kite with your kids or just enjoyed coloring with them. What if you hired a sitter, grabbed your bride, and rented a nice hotel room for the night downtown? Oh, I know you’re “so busy,” but relax. All the daily tasks will be there when you get back.

Losers take chances. Winners make choices. –Denis Waitley


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