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Helping Aches & Pains Everyonedevelopsachesandpains from time to time.After a long day out in the sun, or after an afternoon of trying to keep up with household chores, sometimes the tasks that we expect of our bodies can get the best of us. Whether it is a lingering ache in your back, feet that feel swollen and tired after a long day in your shoes, or a crick in your neck that just won’t go away, dealing with aches and painscanreally takea tollonyouroverallfeelingofwellbeing. If you stopped and asked around, you’d be amazed to see how many people are struggling with aches and pains, just like you. What may surprise you even more is how many people are coping with those pains without doing anything productive about it. How to Deal with Aches and Pains Painmedicationscan reduce theseverityofachesandpains for a little while, but they don’t do anything to resolve the issue. There are things that you can do at home that can alleviateyourachesandpains,helping to reduce theseverity of your discomfort while also reducing the likelihood that the pain will return. Don’t justcomplainabout thoseachesandpains.Startdoing somethingabout them.Here isaquickrundownof thingsyou

can do from home that can reduce your daily pain:

1. Use hot and cold therapy appropriately to reduce inflammation. After a good workout or a day of doing choresout in theyard,yourmuscleswill likely feelsore. Apply ice directly to the area that hurts on and off for 20 minutes at a time during the first 24-72 hours after the pain develops. After that, consider soaking in hot water, such as taking a warm bath, to further soothe your muscles. 2. Don’t underestimate the power of resting! Your body relies on sleep just as much as your brain. You need to get plenty of sleep to keep your stress level at a minimum—and that includesyourphysicalstress level. Aim tosleepbetween7-9hourseverynight.Themore activity you engage in, the more sleep you need. 3. Keep your body in good shape with regular exercise. It may seem counterintuitive to cut down on pain by moving more, but exercise is a really good way to reduceachesandpains.Whenyouexerciseeveryday, youareable to trainyourmuscles formoremovement, and thereby reduce aches and pains. (Continued inside)

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Helping Aches & Pains (Continued)

Why Physical Therapy? There are a lot of different reasons as to why you may start feeling aches and pains. Muscle pain will occur whenever your muscles start to grow. To build more muscle mass, your muscles have to stretch, and lactic acid can pour into the lining of your muscles to cause a burning sensation. More movement will push that acid out, helping you experience relief. Over time, your muscles will develop increased elasticity, and the burning won’t be as severe. Build-up of tension from stress or overuse, and muscle pain from poor posture can also contribute to regular pain. A physical therapist can take a comprehensive assessment to help determine what may be the primary cause behind your aches and pains. Working with a physical therapist can help you develop a new approach to managing your aches and pains. Your physical therapy program will likely take into account strategies like hydrotherapy, deep tissue massage, guided stretching and targeted movements to help you experience ongoing relief from regular discomfort. Give us a call so we can help you say goodbye to your aches and pains.

(Continued from outside) Keeping active, staying rested, and being smart with hot and cold therapy create a trifecta for healthy management of aches and pains, but they aren’tgoing tosolve thebiggerproblems.When aches andpains become severe or chronic, it is important to reach out to a professional for support. Physical therapy is the best way to reduce aches and pains because it takes into account a combination of active and passive strategies to help tackle the cause of your pain.

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INGREDIENTS • 1½ cups butter, softened • 20 oz cream cheese, softened • 1½ cups of Swerve or Stevia • 2½ teaspoons peppermint extract, or to taste • 1 candy cane (optional)* • red food coloring (optional)

We can help:

ü Decrease your pain ü Increase your strength ü Increase your activity level

ü Increase your flexibility ü Improve your health ü Get back to living

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If you, or a loved one, has pain, join us in a complimentary informative workshop on common causes, treatments, and prevention of your pain. Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Pain Workshop Tuesday, January 8th at 6:00 pm COMPLIMENTARY WORKSHOPS

Patient Success Spotlight

“I have always felt and lived by the motto that I should push through the pain. However, the pain didn’t go away but rather increased. Upon referral to Oakland PhysicalTherapy by friends, my pain diminished, and my quality of life is so much better. My experience with my therapist, Chelsea, has been extremely positive and helpful. She always is watchful and coaches me through my exercises. I feel that I have regained my life.”- CC

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Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Workshop Saturday, January 26, at 10:00 am Call (248) 380-3550 or email us at: mail@oaklandphysicaltherapy.com

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