“I didn’t grow up with money or status, but my parents gave me something far more valuable, work ethic and grit.”

Tomi Lahren: It may sound cliché, but my mentors are my parents. I didn’t grow up with money or status, but my parents gave me some- thing far more valuable, work ethic and grit. They, and people like them, inspire me. I am motivated by the ranchers, the farmers, police officers, factory workers, border patrol and ICE agents. I am inspired by those who work hard, ask little in return and sacrifice themselves to serve their country and community with honor and dignity. The fact I can be a voice for those people means the world to me and pushes me to keep going. Spotlight: Tell us about how applying for an internship at One America News Network (OANN) changed your life? What is the biggest lesson you have learned along the way? What was your biggest surprise? What was your biggest disappointment? Tomi Lahren: My big opportunity at OAN changed my life forever. I was looking for an

internship and ended up with a job and my own show before I even graduated college because I took the initiative to go after it. I picked up the phone and called several times. I was hung up on the first few times but that didn’t stop me. The owner appreciated my tenacity and asked me to come in for a screen test. I was nervous and anxious as any 21-year-old vying for his/her first job would be, but I never let it show. I have a mantra that I am going to walk into any room and own it. I don’t let fear or insecurity get in my way and that is a habit I have sustained throughout my career and even in my personal life. The biggest lesson I have learned along the way is to trust my gut feeling. I have trusted a lot of the wrong people throughout my career. That comes from my upbringing and my belief everyone is inherently good. While that may often be true, I’ve learned this industry will chew you up and spit you out if you don’t play smart and close to the vest with some aspects. That is also my biggest surprise, people I have trusted along the way turning on me when it was con-

venient or gave them a moment of spotlight. That is also the biggest disappointment. My lawsuit with TheBlaze was a season of my life that was brutal to go through, but I would never change it or take it back. I learned a lot about who I am and what I can withstand. I also learned that the truth, integrity and what is right is ALWAYS worth fighting for, even when it comes at a price. Spotlight: You are an amazing role model for women on both sides of the border for going after your goals and not being afraid to stand up for what you believe in. What advice do you have for females or any readers for that matter when it comes to going after your dreams and staying true to yourself in the journey? Tomi Lahren: My advice to women is to never doubt who you are or compromise it for anything. Take away all the followers, the likes, the comments, the fluff and remember who

you are inside. That is something that is NEVER worth selling out for. You may lose friends and fol- lowers by being 100% authentically and unapol- ogetically you but I stopped worrying about that a long time ago. I am far more concerned with losing myself trying to please others. Your confidence and self-worth are the most valuable thing you have. They cannot take that away from you.





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