SPRINGING INTO CLEANING ACTION DESIGN OF THE TIMES I t’s that time of year! Spring is in the air and the sun is shining bright! Well, we know what that means – everything looks dusty! That sun shining in through the windows exposes all the layers of dull-light and winter living. It never fails. It jolts us all into spring cleaning action! by Megan Callahan

Spring cleaning means different things to differ- ent people. For some of us, it means give things a good dusting, tuck away our winter clothes and call it done; well for others, it is all about going all out and turning the house upside down. Which- ever way you go about it, the end result feels so good… like tulips on the counter of a decluttered kitchen. For many, there is a rut that sometimes comes along with not only spring cleaning but any major house-gutting exercise: you want it done yes- terday. Patience is a hard practice especially if it’s not already engrained in you. If you are that person, this will sound familiar: you want it all done now so you start gutting. You’re excited and committed. Three hours in and all the winter clothes from the master closet are in a huge pile. You’re happy with this start. You don’t have the tubs in from the garage yet, so you might as well start the front foyer now too, you know, to get everything ready for packing up and labelling. Hats, mitts and winter jackets are down. Wow! So much space! While you’re at it, before you head out to the garage to grab empty tubs, you start in on the kitchen cupboards. So many useless contraptions you never use and they’re taking up so much space! You get them out! While you’re in this zone, you convince yourself you were born to be a minimalist and now is your time! Ahhh, so many plans! Golden hour hits. The sun starts to fade into the evening sky. You’re proud of your progress and feel accomplished. Then reality sets in: you have

piles of ‘stuff’ everywhere and, even though your intentions were amazing, your bar may have been set too high. Ugh, you regret this exercise. But now it needs to be gone before sunup tomorrow because that’s a rough way to start the day. Your enthusiasm is gone. Everything gets thrown into tubs with minimal labelling since you’re running out of both time and motivation. This is the reality for so many people with the best of intentions, but without the knowledge of the best approach. If you master the approach, you’ve mastered the art of decluttering, whether it’s for spring cleaning, getting ready for Christ- mas, moving houses, or just organizing your life. Once you know the process, you’re good! Different personalities handle situations in differ- ent ways. The above scenario is the ‘all-in, I got this’ mentality; the people who possibly bite off more than they can chew (this is me!). Another personality type may see the future, and also feel the anxiety that goes along with what’s to come and says NOPE!





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