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Drew completed his Associate of Arts fromMount Hood Community College in GETTING TO KNOW THE TEAM! DREW

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Portland, Oregon in 2017. Drew is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and a registered Clinical Athlete provider. He played 2 years of varsity soccer at North Georgia College and State University and is an avid Gators fan. Outside of the clinic, you can find Drew enjoying the outdoors, playing with his dogs, or appreciating a well-made beer.


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Whether you have hurt your spine or have been suffering for a long time, seeing a physical therapist at ReQuest Physical Therapy can help you return to a more active and pain-free life. Give us a call today:

Do you ever find yourself slouching in a chair, slumping at the computer or your belly sticking out after standing for awhile? This is a sign of core muscle weakness that can negatively affect your health and create back or neck pain. What Are Your Core Muscles? Your “core” is the group of muscles that help stabilize your body and give a strong point fromwhich your skeleton can move properly with good posture. The core is made up of your abdominal, low back, pelvic, and gluteus muscles. When any one of these groups is weak, it causes instability and makes it hard to use your body properly. The result is strain to different areas of your body, especially the back and neck muscles. This causes bad posture, fatigue, inflammation, and pain. Can’t I Just Do Sit-ups? Strengthening the abdominals is just one component of strengthening your core muscles. It takes an expert, trained in the science of human movement

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to analyze where your pain is coming from. Our physical therapy professionals are just those experts. Whether your pain is from your back, neck, shoulders, or legs, we perform a thorough analysis of your posture, movement, and strength. This allows us to pinpoint exactly what is causing your pain. Only then, can an effective treatment plan be made to obtain the fastest results. Call us today to learn more how we can eliminate your pain and improve your health!

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When suffering with back or neck pain, it can be confusing to determine the right way to relieve pain and get back to normal activities. For some, permanent injury or changes in their body mean arthritis and the tendency for more aches and pains. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it and live a pain-free life. Here are some tips to relieve your back and neck pain. 1. GET EXPERT HELP. The best solution for your back or neck pain is to restore proper movement, strength and coordination for maximum results. Our physical therapists are the medical experts that can help you improve your function and relieve your pain. See your physical therapist at least yearly to maintain your health. 2. IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE. Make sure to stand up frequently, at least every 30 minutes and vary your positions of work throughout the day. Aim to correct your posture when sitting and standing and make adjustments as needed. 3. AVOID INJURY. Make sure you know the proper way to lift, bend, and pick up objects, even if they are not heavy. Our experts can show you proper body mechanics with every day tasks. 4. ADEQUATE REST & EXERCISE. Your body needs to heal after every day, so a good night’s sleep is critical, especially those hours before 12 am. Record your favorite late night shows so you don’t have to stay up late! Sleep deprivation actually worsens your pain tolerance and saps your strength. In turn, make sure you exercise – at least walk 30 minutes a day to improve your strength, heart health and flexibility.

5. NUTRITION. It is often found with people in pain, that their diet aggravates their pain and their lack of water “dries” out their tissues. It is very important to avoid processed foods and fried foods, which increase inflammation in the body. Of course, eat more vegetables, fruits, and lean protein. Don’t forget to keep a glass of water by your desk and refill it during the day so you stay hydrated!

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INGREDIENTS • 1 cup oats • 1 large Granny Smith apple, diced • 1/2 cup fresh cranberries • 3 tbsp maple syrup • 1 tbsp pure vanilla extract • 1 tsp ground cinnamon • 1/2 tspn ground cardamom

• 2 pinches of kosher salt • 4 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk Toppings: • chopped apple • almond slices/chopped almonds

• dried cranberries • ground cinnamon

INSTRUCTIONS Spray a 2-quart or 4-quart slow cooker insert lightly with cooking spray. Combine the steel cut oats, diced apple, cranberries, maple syrup, vanilla extract, cinnamon, cardamom, salt, and almond milk. Stir to mix thoroughly. Cover and cook on low heat for 6 hours (for firmer oats) to 8 hours (softer oats with the slightest chew), stirring once or twice if possible. As the oats are cooking a thin, dark colored skin may form on top of the oats and they will look slightly dry at first glance. Don’t worry. Go ahead and stir the oats well until they are creamy and smooth. If you prefer looser oats, stir in an additional half cup or so of almond milk. Serve hot and garnish with toppings as desired.

Patient Success Spotlight


At ReQuest Physical Therapy, you will receive hands-on therapy treatments by our friendly, caring health experts during focused and individualized sessions. It’s time to go to ReQuest Physical Therapy if: • You’re tired of living in pain • You want to feel better and move better • You have been in an auto accident or injured on the job • You want to prevent injury 1. Call and talk to your therapist 2. Discover why your pain has come back 3. Get your custom recovery program

My total experience has been outstanding! “I had been diagnosed with “spondylolisthesis” which had rendered my right leg in excruciating pain that necessitated my using a walker to be mobile and often not able to leave my home at all. When I began my rehabilitation, weekly visits were torture under a continuous stream of polite, well-educated interns who, with Penny’s guidance, threw challenge after challenge to keep me progressing my recovery. I was able to strengthen my core and walk on my own. Now 10 months later, with the ability to do all of the things that I did prior to my injury, I am still visiting Penny and Lionel weekly to maintain my core muscles. I cannot think of any place where I could have been treated as professionally and medically appropriate, nor with the spirit of compassion and camaraderie. My total experience has been outstanding.” -Miles



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MEDX SPINE PROGRAM Is back pain stopping you from the things you love? Have y ou tried everything but it keeps coming back? Would you like to move more freely without relying on painkillers?

ReQuest Physical Therapy offers a world class back and neck care program that was founded in 1988. Researched at the University of Florida, the MedX Cervical and Lumbar Spine Therapy System have delivered exceptional results for neck and back pain sufferers. We use exercise, massage therapy, and manual manipulation techniques that deliver outstanding results for our patients. At ReQuest Physical Therapy, we have state of the art equipment that does not exist anywhere else in Gainesville, the MedX machines. Research shows that specific spinal strengthening exercises using the MedX Lumbar and Cervical Extension Machines help people get better, even after multiple failed attempts at other forms of treatment. Part of the recovery process requires strengthening the weakened muscles of your injured or painful areas. Our experts have years of training in manual therapy and therapeutic exercise to guide you to a complete recovery. - Jeff Gilliam PT, PhD, OCS Attention Pain Sufferers BACK PAIN WORKSHOP Get relief from nagging back pain January 19th from 10-11am

We are hosting a Back Pain Workshop at our Gainesville Health & Fitness Conference Room!

Only 15 spots available! Don’t delay, register today by calling now! Here’s some of what you’ll learn: � The single BIGGEST #1 MISTAKE weight gain & poor balance sufferers make which actually stops them from healing. � The 3 MOST COMMON CAUSES of weight gain and poor balance. � What successful treatment and permanent relief looks like without the side effects of medications, injections or surgery.

Both workshops are located at Gainesville Health and Fitness Conference Room 4820 Newberry Road, Gainesville, FL 32607. RSVP AT (352) 373-2116

Exercise Essentials Try this exercise to keep you moving...

About Us When you need physical therapy, you have the right to choose where you go. If you are tired of being a number and ready for a physical therapy team that’s proud to offer special services not found in any other practice in the Gainesville area, ReQuest Physical Therapy is your choice. We offer a variety of additional premier services to make your time at ReQuest as pleasant as possible, including discounts for cash/self-pay patients, flexible payment schedules, and same-day appointments. We also accept patients without a physician’s referral, so you can begin treatment quickly and without the hassle of extra paperwork.

PELVIC TILT While lying on your back, use your stomach muscles to press your back into the floor. Repeat 4 times.

Exercises copyright of

Stretches Lower Back

BRACE - BILATERAL BENT LEG LIFT While lying on your back with your knees bent, raise up both feet. Use your stomach muscles to keep your spine from moving. Repeat 5 times.

Strengthens Lower Back

Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.

Why You Need To Come In For Another Check-Up:

� Move without pain � Bend and move freely � Balance confidently & securely

� Sit for long periods comfortably � Walk for long distances � Live an active & healthy lifestyle

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