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February 2018

A Valentine’s Day Story

How I Met My Wife, Allison

memorable than dinner and a movie. After wracking my brain, I found an exhibit called “Dialogue in the Dark” that was currently at Union Station. It is this amazing experience where blind tour guides walk you through different environments in complete darkness. Essentially, the sighted become blind and the blind become sighted. This would have been great, but I didn’t read the fine print on the tickets requiring us to show up 15 minutes before the guided tour. When we arrived, our tour had already started, and we had to reschedule for another time. Zero for three. By now, I am sure you can see the theme developing in our relationship. Me with my bungled attempts at romance, and Al looking on with the same love and affection akin to watching your dog run snout first into the storm door for the fifth straight time. Thank God, the woman has patience. In the end, my persistence paid off. In 2013, Al and I returned to the scene of the crime and got hitched at Union Station. Together with the birth of my son, it is the best thing that ever happened to me. Though it now appears there will be a third event to add to the “best things” category. I am so happy to announce that Allison and I are expecting a baby girl, Lainey Grace Thompson, next month! We, of course, are over the moon. Allison, you are the most wonderful wife and mom, and I am so lucky to know and love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I met my wife, Allison, when I was in law school, but that is not where this love story begins. In true romantic fashion, our tale starts in a bar, but there will be more on that later. When I first met Allison, she was way out of my league, and she remains so to this day — a total knockout! I would have made my move back then, but for the minor detail that I was currently dating the girl that introduced us. I doubt I made much of an impression anyways. She had just returned home from completing her MBA in San Diego. And here I was, this unshaven law student in a ratty old ball cap and jeans, probably espousing “Fortified with liquid courage, I made my move. But I am pretty sure the second impression did not do much in supplanting the first.”

tax theory in an attempt to sound smart. Unfortunately for my wife, that is still a pretty apt description of me — minus the student part. In any event, we went on our separate ways. I continued to toil away at school in Lawrence, and Al moved to Kansas City to do what grown-ups do. Fast forward a couple of years, and in walks Al to a bar on Martini Corner in downtown KC, back where the cool kids used to hang out. Also now living in Kansas City and belly up at this particular bar, was an overserved, overstressed, and more-than-slightly-out- of-shape law school graduate. Fortified with liquid courage, I made my move. But I am pretty sure the second impression did not do much in supplanting the first. All I remember is a lot of slurring and broken dance moves, but she took pity on me, because I got her number. I had my in, and I wasn’t about to screw it up. For our first date, I desperately wanted to make an impression. Third time is the charm, right? I wanted something more

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, as well. We will see you soon.

-John Thompson 913-214-1884 1

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