FMN | December 21st, 2020

Flint Group Packaging Inks Joins HolyGrail Initiative Flint Group Packaging Inks has signed up to the HolyGrail 2.0 project that seeks to solve the complex- ities surrounding the recycling of post-consumer plas- tic packaging. Project HolyGrail was established in 2017 to speed up the transition to a global circular economy for plastics by improving recycling rates through more effective, high quality sorting of materials. In 2020, the second phase of the project, HolyGrail 2.0, was launched to open it up as a cross-value chain initiative with greater scale and scope. Partners involved in the project are exploring the viability of tagging packaging with unique, ma- chine-readable codes to improve automated detection and sorting within current recycling systems. One technique being considered is to apply an optical code utilising digital watermarking technology. The water- mark would be applied directly within the packaging artwork and printed onto the expanse of the printed package, usually in a repeatedly tiled manner. One of the biggest hurdles to achieving high vol- umes of quality recycled plastics lies in the complexity of contemporary packaging designs. While there are numerous packaging formats in use, in many material combinations, current sorting technology is only capa- ble of recognising a limited number of polymers.By in- corporating codes into packaging, the sorting system could ‘read’ a range of important information relating to the packaging manufacturer, SKU, type of plastic used and composition, as well as food vs non-food- grade properties. These data will then enable efficient sorting for onward recycling and reuse,ultimately clos- ing the loop and creating improved circularity in the packaging supply chain.

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INX Plans For South American Expansion

All of INX International Ink Co.’s SouthAmerican busi- ness has officially merged with parent corporation INX do Brasil. This process provides a stronger direct ap- proach for INX products in the SouthAmerican market, including acquisitions, branch establishment and future investments, as well as expansion plans for 2021. INX began operations in South America four years ago with the acquisition a manufacturer of flexograph- ic and gravure packaging inks in São Bernardo, Brazil. In 2018, the company opened a new two-piece metal decorating facility in Itatiba, Brazil, and has since in- creased its portfolio by establishing two smaller metal decoration operations in Colombia and Paraguay.

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