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orsham Township is a suburban community situated just 16 miles Township’s investments nurture private investment and redevelopment in office parks Horsham Township, PA: A Community Connected... to Business! H

Business Park and adjacent Horsham Business Center, two of our major business parks spanning 635 acres. With many of their buildings dating into the 1970’s, the study was undertaken with an eye on sustaining the parks and its business community. In Janu- ary 2016, Horsham Township Council approved the Horsham Business Park Master Plan as a road map to be used over the next decade to modernize and amenitize the parks. Since its adoption, Horsham has made strategic investments in the office parks intended to spur economic activity and redevel-

opment efforts. The township has invested about $2.5 million in road improvements, new traffic control signals, side- walks and other infrastructure projects. In the next two years, an additional $9 million in traffic control and fiber optic connections, street lighting and road widening projects are in the works. Horsham Township has been successful in finding grant monies to support these activities. The township’s in- vestments have nurtured and encouraged private invest- ment and redevelopment in our office parks. New retail, continued on page 17B

from center city Philadelphia. Regionally, it is easily acces- sible as it is only half a mile off the Willow Grove exit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The township is 17.32 square miles and home to more than 26,000 residents. From 1970-2000, the township experienced strong growth in commercial office space with the development of its five business parks with more than 6.4 million s/f of of- fice and flex space. During the work week, Horsham is home to more than 1,300 businesses with almost 37,000 employees. The township is the third- largest employment center in Montgomery County. Within 15 miles of our business parks is a population of approximately 2.2 million. HorshamTownship residents are well educated with 47.3% with a college de- gree. This compares favorably with the Greater Philadelphia Region at 39% and Pennsylva- nia at 30.1%. Whi le Horsham is wel l - known for its business parks, we are equally well known for our community and neighbor- hood parks. Over the years the township has methodically assembled one of the largest municipal park systems in Montgomery County. Residents and employees of our business community enjoy hiking, bik- ing, running and walking in more than 860 acres of parks, open spaces and 14 miles of trails. Just the perfect environ- ment to nurture a balance of work and play. As part of the Greater Phila- delphia metropolitan area, Hor- sham Township is in the heart of the fifth largest economy in the world, with 40% of the U.S. population within a single days’ drive and 60% of the U.S. and Canadian populations within a two-hour flight. Horsham is ac- cessible to nine major airports within a two-hour drive. The most convenient of those, Phila- delphia International Airport is just 35 miles and about a 42- minute car ride from Hor- sham. Additionally, our loca- tion affords convenient access to Center City Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley, Harrisburg, Atlantic City, New York City, Baltimore, Washington, DC and beyond. Horsham Township leader- ship in 2014 initiated a two- year study of the Pennsylvania

A hometown favorite for businesses Horsham Township, Pennsylvania has well earned a reputation as being a business-friendly community. A place where your business and your employees can not just succeed, but thrive! Home to 5 major business parks with more than 6.4 million square feet of commercial office and flex space. Highlights of our business environment include;  Among the lowest real estate taxes in the region.  No business privilege tax.  No mercantile tax.  Commercial rental rates that are highly competitive with regional rates.

 An abundant and highly educated workforce.  Great suburban location just off the Willow Grove turnpike exit with convenient access to Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley, New Jersey, New York and beyond.  860 acres of township owned trails, parks and open spaces.  a wide variety of housing choices for almost every budget.

 a highly rated Hatboro-Horsham School District.  a plethora of craft breweries, bars, restaurants and retail in close proximity. Horsham Township, uniquely connected to our business community. Come, enjoy, and make yourself at home!

For help in coming to or connecting with Horsham Township, please contact Larry Burns, our Director of Community and Economic Development at (267) 705-6851 or lburns@horsham.org

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